Where is This? #17

This is an OLD image!!! It would be too easy if I gave you a current image of the site. Nobody has come close to using all 20 questions, so whatever. BigThumb’s rules apply.

Is it the Panama Canal?

Is it In the Okanagen?

Does the part in the circle show a hydro-electric project?

No, ithat body of water is NOT in/or that Panama Canal.

Yes, it’s part of a hydro-electric project!

18 questions left.

Tim your question covers a fairly large geographical area, and I can’t answer it.

Was the construction featured in a documentry on the Discovery Channel?

My last question may be too hard to answer.

Was the construction of the site in the picture paid for by the state it’s located in, to power a large, near by corporate operation?

Is it located on or near Williston Lake?

I think I found it!


Three Gorges Project on the River Yangtze.

Mmmmm… controversialicious.

My God Big Thumb! You rule!!!

Yeah, you’re right. Sorry for the lack of replies, my internet access was a little screwy last night.