Where is this? #14

The last few were too easy so I am going to be mean and put a really difficult one on here.
What is the building in the center called and where is it?

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Is that building a castle of some sort?


Okay, I see that there are zero replies in the last 30 hours, so I’ll stop being mean.

This is a prime location and I am sure it won’t take you much more time to solve this one.

Ah you gave it away with that PRIME reference…

Greenwich, UK

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

So that building would be the Royal Observatory.  It is definitely not a castle but it is still dealing with royalty.  I saw the long shadows of the building and thought I could see towers.  I guess they were the little towers on the building.  Plus the size of it would make a pretty small castle.

jees,  the game is 20 questions.  Don’t give away too much ( especially with MiG around!).  Let us know your clues bit by bit, ( like an hour glass :wink)

Also, for future games, you may not always use an aerial picture.  In the past, we’ve had pictures of places taken from the ground as well.  Just as the one above.

Yes, I do know that game is 20 questions, but you guys need to ask them.

I was worried that that ‘prime’ would be too much of a hint after I had posted it.
I just get a bit impatient with you guys at times because I can’t wait to solve the next one.

Yes, I do know that game is 20 questions, but you guys need to ask them. [/quote]


Welcome to the club :wink:

I just had a look at the times of posting of both my ‘prime’ hint and then MIG solving it. There was only 42 min. between those two posts. He must have waited those 30 hours infront of his computer for me to get impatient and give a good clue.

Well,  times are a changing…

So you and MiG are not the same person?

No, I wouldn’t wait 30 hours to solve it.


I’m posting #15 in just a minute or so.