Where is this? #12

Since I opened up the 2008 season of this game with pictures of beaches, I’ll stay with the same theme.
Cultural significance can be found at that beach.  Historical significance can be found at very close proximity to that beach.

I might not be online for a few hours but I’ll check in later.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Anything to do with “WARS”?

Do palm trees grow here

Do people living in this area speak French?

Juno Beach in Normandie, France or Omaha Beach a bit West of it.

No, the historical significance I mention isn’t war related.

No, at least not naturally if they do.

no, I’m sure a few do but I would say the overwhelming majority uses another language.

I will not count this as a question since it came after the previous one.

17 left.

Does the nation have royalty on its currency?

Is it winter right now in that location?



Are they a member of the Commonwealth?

Does the historic place have something to do with a boat?

Yes, that beach is within a member of the Commonwealth

Does the historic place have something to do with a boat? [/quote]


If I had enough time, could I walk from Prince Rupert to the site?  (ie: not need a vehicle of any kind to get there).

no you couldn’t even run there.

12 left.

Is it a beach near Gibraltar?

I think that is a direct geographical question.

Is this site associated with a novel (or series of novels) ?


11 left.

Maybe I’ll give a good hint after 10 questions.  I gave two hints already but they were not too obvious.

Is it associated with sport in anyway?

Yes and as a hint, both significance mentionned in the opening post are related to sport in some way.

10… and I’m going to bed soon cause it’s midnight around here.