Where is this #12

Here’s my first attempt. Good luck.


Is the top of the picture true North, or close to it?

Actually, maybe we should establish that as some sort of rule for this game?

Yup, it’s pretty much true north.
19 questions left.

Is this place in the Americas?

18 left

Is it in Europe?

17 left.

Um… Germany?

Is it the Scandinavian area?

Not Germany
Not Scandinavia
Hint: It is historically important to Canada.
15 left

Ah, way to give it away…

Significant to Canada on north coast of Europe. Either Juno beach or Dieppe :wink:



Oh well. Next time no hints.

Ok, so my turn again! Um… I’m going to have think about this one…

Welcome to HTMF! Enjoy your stay. We don’t give hints either.

Good thing I had to work all day away from the computer because let’s review the picture:

Coastline with NNW orientation, well developped farmland, fairly flat landscape and a long beach.

That would not have taken much time! (Almost as obvious as Pitcairn!-)
(Oh no, the next ones are going to be really tough now!)

I think Eso’s point about having true north on top as a basic rule should be applied.

How about a new one?

If MiG gives me his picture privilege, I have one ready to go.

Go for it!