Where is this? #10

Have fun!

Does the country this place is found in use the Pound as their currency?

No. 19

Is the country where this “estate” is located primarily English-speaking?

Is the country where this “estate” is located primarily English-speaking?

No. 18

Is this land privately-owned (ie. someone’s home)

No - not any more. 17

Is it a palace in Monaco?

castles.org/castles/Europe/C … enburg.htm

Nymphenburg, near Munich, Germany.

First rule of “the game” is you change the filename, and you don’t link it from its original source.

Want to try another one JJR?

Grab the photo, change the filename, upload it here (or flickr) and then post it…

Yes, I did check. I’m not smart, just a cheater.

Wow, that makes the last half hour of trolling Google for chateaux and palaces of France seem pretty useless.

I was thinking the same thing.

Yeah yeah OK - so I have to learn how the picture posting bit works! Mind you if those trying to solve the puzzle need to resort to looking at the links rather than asking questions … oh well.

Oh, and this location is significant because ??

My dad served his horticulture apprenticeship at Nymphenburg, and after he came to Canada turned down a job as the gardener at the Courthouse in Prince Rupert because he thought Rupert wasn’t a great place to raise his family. Later on I moved here and think it is the greatest place in the world. Who knew eh?

It’s where nymphos come from…