Where is it 35?

Thought I would post one, it should be easy. If it’s against the rules due to the fact that it’s MiG’s turn to post you may delete it.


Is this site within the borders of a country whose flag bears a big red maple leaf?

Yes it sure is. 19.

Would I have to drive through another province to get to the ocean from this place?

Does the CPR run through this town?


No. 17.

If I lived here, would a man who once told a homeless person to “get a job” in front of a large group of people be my premier?

How about the Trans Canada Highway (#1) … does it run through this town?

Yes. 16

No. 15.

bus.ualberta.ca/rfield/Super … thorpe.htm

Quiet little town with a sad recent history. Good one Methad.

I couldn’t figure it out, until I noticed the grain elevator in the photo. Once we knew it was Alberta, I searched photos of Albertan grain elevators until I saw this one.

Anybody else want to post one ? If not, I will.

Good Job, I chose to do this one because “A Hail of Bullets” has been airing all weekend on the fifth estate. It’s just a brief documentary on the 24 hours leading up to the fatal shooting of 4 RCMP officers.

:stuck_out_tongue: Snuck this one by me, I have family there. damn, woulda got one.