Where did it come from?

Just wonderin’ guys…Who gives us our little names under our post titles as I have been a Mavis Beacon Lover and didn’t know who that was :confused: so didn’t know to be thrilled or pissed off and now I am “Heavy Breather” and wonder if I should be offended…Does this mean that someone out in cyber world thinks that I am full of hot air?  I think that it is fun though, so thanks to whoever the powers that be are. I look forward to my next one :smiley:

depending on how many post you make it changes, or you can change it yourself under your profile.

sure you are full of Hot are LOL since i know you and see you almost every day . guess who i am and let me know friday lol

Just thought of something here after reading the caption under your name Hindsight , Jesus saves but Crosby will score on the rebound. CobyBear your name will change sooner then you thing and do not worry about the Heavy Breather , I am sure you do control that but you do like to express some good points.