Where are they now?

Wanna play a game?
Find information about a former celebrity and post it or a link about what they are doing now. Then suggest another name to continue.

Start with:

BILLY RAY CYRUS, singer of the masterpiece “Achy Breaky Heart”

he’s in my closet man.

Good start but now you must suggest a name.

Oh yeah, I didn’t say anything about the information needing to be true. So have fun.

What ever happened to Mark Hamill?

He was a consultant for the sword fights in the kill bill movies.

How about Olivia Newton John?

She’s doing Australian Nature shows.

How about Crocodile Dundee (Paul Hogan?)

steve irwins nanny

doris “stockwell” day ?

shining HArper’s shoes

What ever happened to Dr. Benton?

Ended up as the “will dance for tocos” guy on 40 first street.

What happend to the chiwawa From the Toco bell commercials?

He became what he loved most. A Taco.

What about Dolph Lundgren?

dead of a massive coronary at age 16.

the dell dude ?

it was just a ‘gateway’ job works for Sun now.

Whatever became of Kim Campbell?

i’ve heard she’s been doing super in the private sector.


dudes… shes sexy.

Not! She spends her time telling everyone that she’s not related to Gordon.

Lisa Bonet from the Cosby Show.

Hollywood crack Ho.

Chakotay from Voyager?

Tattooing the other side of his face.

What happened to Burt Ward?

Burn ward.

pj fresh phil ???

Now legally married to Divine.

Father Guido Sarducci?


The guy who played Chewie?

He got a good shave and now plays Worf.

What ever happend to Gerry Riley?