When you can not only see your air, but taste it and if you wish cut it in half

Ummmmmm, effluent…

Prince George has a bad air day!

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I think it’s that hideous pulp mill outside of the city. That thing spews out the nastiest funnels of smoke and crap I’ve ever seen.

Even Surrey and area have higher air quality ratings (the link in the comments area shows a chart with that proof) than the Northwest.  :frowning:

If you’re in PG you will notice how many people smoke. This is because the crap coming out the cigarette filter is often better than the air downtown.
It’s the only place I ever heard of “acid snow” or tapwater that makes black spots on your clothes in the washing machine.

Smoking is actually better for your overall health than not smoking. Our bodies are optimized for a life expectancy of about 35-40 years old. Beyond that, life is downhill and carcinogenic.

No. Dear. God. No.

That depends what you conisder the Northwest.  While the Northwest Interior (the Prince George area) often has poor air quality ratings, due to both the pulp mill and forrest fires, etc, area closer to the coast (and including the coast) have far better air quality than the rest of the province.

Except for the Fraser Valley:
the same seabreeze that usually keeps the air clean on the coast pushes all Vancouver & the Lower Island’s smog up the valley where it get walled in and concentrated by the mountains and gags the residents. Then the rain washes the crap onto the blueberries and cranberries so it gets distributed around the whole province again.

I wouldn’t consider the Fraser Valley part of the Northwest Coast of BC though. 

Well it does help air quality when there’s a mere handful of people and zero economic activity between Powell River and the panhandle.