When are we having a Tax Revolt

[quote=“Northern View”]
City of Prince Rupert weighing options on sewer and water fees

And because homes aren’t presently metered, taxpayers would absorb an increase in flat rates to balance out a possible decrease in revenues from the commercial sector.
The residential rate increase would come on top of an already proposed 5 per cent increase in water and sewer rates for the next three years. For several months, City Council and Staff have been discussing whether to change the way sewer rates are calculated in Prince Rupert for commercial customers. Rodin said having water and sewer levies that are related to actual usage would make the utility fee structure more readily understood and realistic.[/quote]

What part of trim your bloated administation doesn’t this council get?

[quote=“Frank Zdravlje”] “I am being overcharged by 400 per cent. The small businesses have been subsidizing the residential for a very long time,” Zdravlje said. He is proposing the homeowner rate be increased from $300 a year to $327.17 a year to balance the city’s sewer budget while giving relief to the commercial owners. “There would be a $2.26 raised amount a month. That amount is about the cost of a cup of coffee. I do not think the residents would be against it when we have to pay all equal shares as part of the service,” Zdravlje suggested.

In response, Mayor Jack Mussallem expressed concerned for the commercial sector downtown. [/quote]

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Gee Frank… you knew the fee structure when you opened your Hotel. I most certainly am against a further 10% increase in the fees I pay to feed an ineffective and inefficient City Hall, so do us all a favour and don’t presume to speak for the residential taxpayers when you’re trying to renogiate the cost of your services from the city. And Jack’s response is!!! Is anyone surprised Third Avenue Jack is concerned with the downtown commercial sector?

As for Councillor Sheila Gordon-Payne appeal to the public to share any concerns, will she guarantee to muzzle Jack so we don’t have to listen to him berate a concerned citizen?

Pay per poop.