Wheelchair Guy Dies

I heard that guy on the wheelchair was releaving himself and fell off the cliff across from rupert beer and wine and died

Did you fall on your head recently?  That would explain a lot!  :neutral_face:

Thank you for stating all that was going through my head when I read this post:)

Classic billy.  :unamused:

Billy:  I heard the wheelchair guy actually reserected and is coming back to roll you over.  :smiley:

Never cry shitwolf Billy. 

The wheelchair Guy was supposed to go to a home in Terrace Today is what i heard from his sister on the weekend.

Like, oh my God, Billy - that is like, so like, ten days and like, five pages of posts ago.  snaps gum

Maybe he can be saved when he goes to the soup kitchen by one of the holy roller captains and walk again. Maybe.

I find it so amazing how rumors get going in this little town of our, we must just be hurting for news or something. This guy has captured so many people’s attention. I mean the guy has been pissing so many people off in the last year and he keeps returning for more.

I’d rather be pissed off than pissed on!

Sorry couldn’t resist!