Wheelchair accessible restaurants?

Someone asked me this morning if I knew of any wheelchair accessible restaurants in town as her cousin is coming for a visit , a parapalegic confined to her chair and the only one I could think of was the No.1.  Anybody have any other ideas and IF we don’t have any, then why don’t we? Another question possibly for our esteemed city council :unamused:  Thanks guys!

the crest and the highliner are both wheelchair accessible.

Had an uncle who was penta-plegic. He even needed breathing assistance, and his lungs needed to be suctioned often.
He loved going to restaurants and grossing people out. “Why do people put up with me”?
How far can a Vancouver “liberal” stretch their tolerance? Farther than they can puke their latte seeing and hearing phlegm being suctioned at the next table.
Used to joke he didn’t come to Vancouver often, someone may have heard that he wanted to hang-glide in his younger days and would build a wheelchair hang-glider and insist he try it.
twisted, he was.

I think Breakers Pub is also wheelchair accessible - although I am not sure if the washrooms are.  Galaxy Gardens (if you eat in) is also accessible I think - but I might be wrong there.

There are sooooooo many that are accessible if you are just going there to eat.  Accessible bathrooms on the other hand… are a little harder to come by.  I will post my list later.

    Thank you everyone!  Spoke to my friend today and her cousin had a problem in Breakers…It is wheelchair accessible but because she had to “park” in the mid-section as the side by the pool tables was reserved, she was told by a bartender that she was in the way and she was very embarrassed so will not go back there. As for the other eateries, I think the Crest is her best bet as at least she would be able to use the restrooms. I was trying to recall if Peglegs was accessible but have a brain fart happening here. Could she get in there? That is a problem, the restrooms and Green Apple would definitely be out, too bad for that one. I can barely manage their front door :neutral_face:  Any other suggestions with accessible washrooms???

Yes, the new Pizza Hut

Solly’s is accessible, and I think since they’re last renovations, they have a handicapped bathroom as well.