Whats yuor favourite vegetable

i like spinach

Spinach is good. So is broccoli.

For taste, celeriac is awesome.

For versatility, the potato is king.

I can’t choose.

I like carrots and yams when their are roasted.

I know what I like the least: green and yellow beans ( the whole pod) and cabbage.

Asparagus are overrated.


Green peppers are underrated.

I think onions are. They make everything taste so much better.

How could I forget onions? Caramelized onions on pizza= sublime.

i like the taste of raw onions, but friend onions are stanky!

mmm, walla walla onion grilled cheese!

They are great onions. But my choice for best vegee, eggplant…

Roasted garlic!


george bush

Do mushrooms count, even though they’re not plants?


Id have to go with Corn on the Cob, or Lettuce!

hes not going to be a vegitable until i go to washington… shit here come the feds

shred /dev/hda

Asparagus pan fried with garlic and butter.


christopher reeve