What's wrong with the North?

Why did an NDP candidate win for the Prince Rupert to Bulkley Valley riding? What would posses you all to throw your vote away?

This Cullen character is going to get a lot done for the North-West… :unamused:

why not? why on earth vote for Burton? where he hasn’t done anything. and Miles Robinson i dunno… but i voted NDP we needed a change

NDP all the way. Miles Richardson dwelled on the fact he was native. He doesn’t have too much going on upstairs. And Burton is not there for the people as much as Cullen is.

Party politics is a no win situation.

And I would have voted Marxist-Leninist, but someone told me that the native guy who was the candidate here had some choice things to say about my people.

NDP = More government involvement = Higher Taxes = More Social Programs

Your problem is that you’re looking at the individuals and not at the Party and its Federal status.

All names aside, let us focus on the Party.

If a Conservative hasn’t done anything for you, what is an NDP member going to get you? Nothing. Ninety-nine Conservatives to Nineteen NDP’s… Give your head a shake.

If you want something to happen for your area, vote for someone who is part of a party that has a lot of support. Be it Liberals (which would be stupid to re-elect those douches) or Conservatives (all around good guys).

As always, Northern BC won’t get anything from the Feds and they’re represented by a communist.

Open your minds. In small communities everyone knows everyone. Stop focusing on what you know about the candidate and take a look at the party.

[quote=“Charles_T”]NDP = More government involvement = Higher Taxes = More Social Programs

So what is wrong with that?

But the conservative are not in government so what’s the difference? The liberals will most likely try to get NDP support rather than the Conservatives/Reformers’.

And this is exactly why old political tactics survive. Even young people think that this kind of thing is what democracy is all about. Based on your reasoning, the Skeena riding should have had very little between 1979 and 1993 when Fulton was MP and a lot since then with Burton. Correct me if I am wrong but it is the exact opposite that happened.

Communist?? Are you really Canadian? I know you are in Alberta but calling an NDP candidate communist is something that only republicans in the US with very limited knowledge of our politcal system would do

Totally wrong. One must find a balance between the two options. If candidates show similar quality then go for party. But always choose a good candidate. If not, you end up with Bill Belsey.

Dudes, you’ve gotta vote for the Communist Party of Canada, Canada’s Party of Socialism.

Andy Burton was there for the people! For all the people, especially the rights of the unborn people!

you’re joking? :confused:


you’re joking? :confused:[/quote]

Look at me. I’m Stephen Harper. I’m always right. In fact, I am the right. And I don’t believe in dictionaries.

Poor Andy. When we saw the Homerish glint in his eye when ‘free votes’ and ‘abortion’ were mentioned in the town hall meet, Nathan locked half the audience’s votes.

I’d been told that if I voted NDP they wouldn’t do a good job because they had no experience in budget financing.

Under that criterion one couldn’t vote for anyone BUT the Liberals. :smiley:

[quote=“Charles_T”]Why did an NDP candidate win for the Prince Rupert to Bulkley Valley riding? What would posses you all to throw your vote away?

This Cullen character is going to get a lot done for the North-West… :unamused:[/quote]

Jesus, everybody in BC (except for those who voted Liberal) through their vote away.

Pretty much every vote in Alberta was thrown away too, eh?

This Reform Party is going to get a lot done for BC and Alberta! :unamused:

Push for Cullen and Emerson to be point men on Softwood Lumber talks. Cullen is from here and Emerson used to run Canfor. Let’s see the PM ignore us now.
Did Pettigrew lose? Hope so, he was the worst guy to send on those talks!

Last time I checked Alberta pretty well has every other province beat. Low taxes, almost no debt, lots of jobs. It’s almost enough to ignore the social climate.

[quote]Charles_T wrote:
NDP = More government involvement = Higher Taxes = More Social Programs

So what is wrong with that? [/quote]

The higher taxes is what is wrong. Calgary’s unofficial slogan during the NDP’s power in BC was

You can tax the rich, but then they get fed up and move–along with their money and possibly jobs. You can then tax the middle class, but then they start to move and others decide against moving to your region. The main complaint I hear from people in England about living there is simply the taxes. You can only raise taxes to a certain point. Once you pass that point you start losing money. Glen Clark admitted back in 1998 that the NDP’s policy of taxing the rich wasn’t working. He admitted that they needed to start lowering taxes for the rich to encourage them to live and create jobs in BC.

Financial responsibility is the NDP’s main weakness. This is where the Green Party comes in as a better alternative. The Green Party believes in many similar ideas–except places focus on being able to afford them. If they cannot afford to do such things, they won’t. The NDP, however, will.

So what is wrong with that?[/quote]

I don’t want to be paying higher taxes to support lazy people.

Look at the American economy. Who’s dollar is higher?

So what is wrong with that?
I don’t want to be paying higher taxes to support lazy people.

Look at the American economy. Who’s dollar is higher?[/quote]

But social programs don’t necessarily mean supporting lazy people. It also means daycare for working parents, subsidized housing for working people with lower wages living in high price real estate areas, better public schools, helping regional economies, etc…

Ralph Klein always gloats about how he runs the finances of Alberta. The funny thing is that an NDP government would be able to do the same. Think for a minute about the recent raises in the price of gas. What do you think that does to the Alberta treasury? Oil generates so much money for Alberta that the communist party could run that province and not need taxes!
Klein is an immoral clown who thinks that he is the sole cause of Alberta’s healthy economy. And he uses Stephen Harper as a puppet to try to impose his twisted views on the rest of the country.
Go ask the Edmonton Journal about how cooperative Klein is when you dare criticise him.
Some albertans keep talking about western alienation yet, they don’t recognize the fact that they alienate themselves by supporting Klein and the right wing agenda he has. I wish the other albertans, those who are truly canadians, could work together and get rid of this drunk.

And check your fact about the american economy. War costs money.

Other than that, I hope you are enjoying your summer.

Heh, I am very much. Thanks! 8)

You’re not taking economics, I see.

Both the Euro and the British Pound are higher than the US dollar, but they have much higher taxation there than the USA.

The average taxation in Europe is twice that of Canada, and the Euro is worth a hell of a lot more than the Canadian dollar.

So if you want a higher currency, then you would want MORE taxes, not less.

But… a low Canadian dollar is good for BC and Alberta. Since we tend to export most of what we produce, it’s in our interest (and Canada’s) to keep the dollar low.

Your tax arguments are irrelevant anyway, since you, as a student, pay a lot less tax in Canada than you would in the same situation in the USA. Your education is also subsidized, almost 90% of the cost of running your university is paid by other people’s tax dollars, not yours.

On top of that, any real study of tax rates (say, New York state versus Ontario) will show that they’re pretty much the same. Actually, in one report I read recently, Ontario actually has lower taxes than most of the states.

But hey, if you wanted us to vote Reform, and have our tax dollars go to the military, that’s crazy. Or did you want crazy out-of-control deficits like the anti-tax republican USA?

The perfect contrast is Alaska, which also has oil revenues. No taxes there either, but the royalty rates that the oil companies have to pay are actually HIGHER than Alberta’s. Yes, you heard it right, businesses have to pay more “tax” in Alaska than they do in Alberta. Does that drive the oil business away? nope, they just pay more for it, and that means that citizens in Alaska get big cheques every year just for living there. Oh, and free education and health care too.