What's with the sign at Peglegs?

there is a picture by Peglegs with a man hanging by a neuce with a santa hat on…what is up with that?..most would take it as an offence…is this suppose to be a family restaurant?..a picture like that shouldn’t even be posted to a business…wonders what the hell they are thinking?

Well considering the restaurant is closed, I suspect that the sign is the least of their concerns at the moment

it goes with their pirate theme

That make sense if your a pirate kind of guy who wants to brew something good like an ale.

Aaaaarrrrrrr Matey :smiley:

The picture on the sign is a form of typical Pirate punishment. The good news is, you were already dead. The bad news is you were not given a proper burial. For many pirates, this bad news was quite frightening. It meant that your immortal soul would never have any chance of redemption.
The practice of hanging in chains or irons was pretty basic. The pirate would be hanged until dead. Then his body would be placed in a iron cage or possibly wrapped in chains. This cage was then hoisted on a rafter and left to rot in a public area.

Typically this public place would be a dock where other potential pirates would be able to view it as a warning/reminder of what comes of those who go on the account. Such places as harbor entrances were a favorite for hanging pirates in irons. Gallows Point was one of the most famous paces.

The body would remain on display until there really wasn’t anything left to display because of decomposition. At this point the rotting body would most often be dumped in the ocean for fish food or, at best, buried between the tides. It was very rare for a body hanged in irons to be claimed, due to the enormous amount of disgrace attached to such a person and the assumption that whom ever claimed the body was a pirate as well.

Known as a ‘gibbet.’  Type that into google and hit the images link.  YOu’ll see a lot of examples, such as this one (Captain Kidd).

That’s the sign at Pegleg’s, and you’re right, it’s Captain Kidd.  How do I know?

Take a look here :smile:  bit.ly/4KR2jb

Arrrrrrrrrrr I was pretty close is this where the bunking part comes in…lol

No matter what sort of picture they put - someone somewhere would take offense to it, its just a matter of opinion.  I like it Arrrrrrrrrr :stuck_out_tongue:

Ronald McDonald creeps me out!

He creeps me out too, I think it’s the shoes but then I have a thing about clowns  :confused:

I for one would dig seeing Ronald McDonald in the gibbet…he’s worse than any pirate…a symbol of global corporate greed, environmental destruction and unhealthy eating! 

Also, I believe part of the practice involved coating the body in tar so it would stay together longer.

I really like the historic pirate pictures at Peglegs.  They’re hella bad-ass.  I don’t find it creepy at all.  I am pretty weird though.

It’s spelled “Noose.” 

Ronald McDonald and Wendy in gibbets. And some guy in a BurgerKing mask with an evil grin…

The pub here sold and the new owners are shutting it down indefinitely to remodel. I hope they come up with something as interesting as a pirate theme. Anything besides dead animal heads…

Like this?

theres a guy who loves mcdonalds trying to make a messiah out of ol’ ronny lol

That pic is HILARIOUS!!! I would like to shake the hand of the man who made that…imagine a religion with Ronald McDonald as their messiah…i think they are called “Americans.”  haha just joking…but sometimes it seems like that…

Of course, up here in Canada, Tim Hortonism seems to be the most popular religion. 

Couldn’t resist adding these:


… and of course a Timmy’s classic:


Awesome Soggy,  never seen that last one.

lol those pics are awesome!!  :smiley: