What's with the helicopter

So anyone have any theories on why that helicopter has been circling the city for the last hour or so???

FLIR maybe?

Cops looking for indoor tomatoe plantations perhaps?

Birds-eye view of all the rolling stops in Rupert?

Heh, don’t joke about that.  There are new “aircraft patrolled” signs on the highway, with the appropriate painted marks on the road.

As for the helicopter, if it’s black, then it’s an official Black Helicopter.


There are new “aircraft patrolled” signs on the highway, with the appropriate painted marks on the road. :confused: on our roads.

Yeah, you know, out on highway 16, you’ll see a big white markers perpendicular to the road.  From a plane or helicopter, you time a vehicle between the markers, and you can calculate a speed. 

Look for the signs and markers next time you drive to Terrace.

I saw those signs today and tonight… I had no idea they were new.

AAARRRGGGGHHHHHH.  So, the rolling toll booth extends east to Terrace now?  Thanks for the heads-up :smile:

conspiracy theories. got to love them… did it make any sound?

I heard about 8- 10 sea planes flighing over my house ( east side) last night between 8 and 10 pm. Very unusual.

That would be unusual as most (AFAIK) of the aircraft at Seal Cove have to be down and tied up to the dock 30 mins after sunset at the latest. Last night, sunset was about 19:40ish. So anything after 8pm would have been very unusual.

At least that has been my experience with the few dozen times I have flown in Beavers in and out of Seal Cove. None of the ones I flew in could fly at night.

I think that might go with all seaplanes. I know I would not want to be a pilot landing after dark on water.

Are you sure they were seaplanes?

I’m by Seal Cove and I didn’t see any sea planes up…just the helicopter.

From what I could gather it was night training on a new helicopter.

EH101? Definitely a black helicopter, except Canadians have Red Helicopters and Yellow Helicopters conspiracy theories instead.

So, my guess was pretty close…

eep, black helicopters.