What's with the gas prices today?

Got gas at Grassy Bay late this morning…$99.9 litre.  Then went downtown…prices were $106.9 and $1.07.  It’s a no-brainer where to go if you need fuel.  Grassy Bay is also much more convenient…pull in, tell the friendly staff how much, go inside where it’s dry and warm, pay your bill!!

Its been 99.9 since last Friday. 

99.9 @ chevron and husky as well.  Finally!!

89.9 here!  I think it’s the lowest I’ve seen since 2005.

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Where was gas $1.06 and $1.07 on Monday?  Petro was $1.05, and the others were $1.03.  We get your point though.

Oh god ewww…that’s just…ewww…

cars still stop in at petrocan at 105 when the downtown stations are selling at 99 cents it never stops amazing me

It was 104.9 in Terrace today.  97.9 at Safeway with your card.

So unless you’re a Safeway customer, you’re paying more for gas in Terrace than in Rupert.


Hayscove Petrocan finally lowered its price to 99.9

news always travels slower on the east side

The Canadian dollar is plunging.  Just under 0.81 today.

85.9 cents here!

The lower fuel prices are an obvious result of Obama being elected. Coincidence? Maybe. High level government conspiracy? Yes.

what the hell prices have been falling everyday for the last 8 weeks, before he was elected to the Presidency…

Yes we can!

The oil companies are mad at the voters. They’re gonna show them who’s boss, just like the mining companies did to BC in the 70s.