What's with all

…the sirens Saturday around 6pm on the East side of town?

I wouldn’t mind knowing that myself. There was a ton of sirens at first, which kind of got my attention, but then shortly after another batch of them which seemed to be more arriving.


There’s a big fire on India avenue close to Immanuel street, about 4 houses up so I was just told. That’s where the sirens could have been going.

Is it just me, or has there been a lot of house fires lately?

One good thing about rain: it keeps everything moist and keeps the threat of fires down. Our recent weather has dried everything out and we now have more of a chance of forest fires than some other parts of the province. Usually we are always on the “no threat” side of things.

My wife took a drive this morning and told me that it was just one house on India avenue that had a fire.

There were two cops with flashin lights right out side pj’s last night at 11

They were playing tag. Now why were you out so late?

I first heard the sirens go up 6th East (I think) first. I live down in the hollow on 8th East. That’s where it sounded like they were going. Then a few moments later it sounded like one (or more) of the units got pulled away to go to Immanuel. Non stop sirens for a while there.