What's the new store in the mall?

Wasn’t he one of the guys behind the “Airplane” and “Naked Gun” movies?  The name’s familiar.  Probably not

Okay I confused Fields for SAAN.

What about the new Home Hardware Building store that’s going to open below.  I just read in the Northern View yesterday that they will open by the end of March with an additional 10,000 square feet of space.  Perhaps that additional space is what’s being remodeled right now in the old Saan ( yes, it was a Saan) location.

No the additional space is on the bottom floor.  It was occupied by Philpott’s storage lockers they rented out to people.

And it’s not Home Hardware… it’s Home Building Centre.

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Thanks for the clarifaction …  I wondered about Home Hardware, but I see it’s different

Oh they are getting rid of the storage lockers…

Is Home Building Center an Off Spring of Home Depot? 

Change was needed Philpot was getting pretty tired looking …

LOL…Mig…did a little google search on your awesome word ‘nargain’… There are plenty of great nargains to be had out there!  :wink:[/quote]

It’s because N is right next to B on the keyboard! 

I won’t be able to drive down 3rd Avenue now without thinking

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Is Home Building Center an Off Spring of Home Depot?  [/quote]

No, it’s a different version of the Home Hardware brand. 

  • Home Hardware consists of four separate banners, offering goods such as the following:

  • Home Hardware – housewares, tools, paint, garden supplies

  • Home Building Centre – lumber, plumbing and electrical supplies, building materials

  • Home Hardware Building Centre – full range of Home Hardware and Home Building Centre items

  • Home Furniture – furniture and major appliances


It will be a Home Hardware Building Centre.
The storage lockers will stay. The car storage will go.

Being that it is Home Hardware Building Center and not just Home Building Center, does the old Home Hardware remain or is this a merger? 

There are on going discussions.

What, we ain’t good enough for a real Bay department store? They only put Fields in dying towns, mark my words here kids. Fields=death.

Um, isn’t Fields originally from Vancouver?  What about the locations there?

Well they were here once before and the town didn’t die, so maybe, using your argument for store locations, they’re coming back to finish the job :imp:


Where NH is used to be Disgo Drugs and then Video place used part of it then Shoppers came way later…
Fields was located where Welfare used to be on the end of the mall across from CDA Post, just down from Dick Bury…

oops I just realised Fields did become smaller for a while and yes they did use that space where NHA is now…

Yes, before Fields ran outta town altogether it was behind Shoppers, and Shoppers was where Northern Health is now.  Depends on the years you are talking about :smiley:

How long ago was it a larger store?

Nargain is a great word Mig.  Here’s another one.  Needing garbage bags that were on sale, my mom asked me for a ride to the Garbin Shop.  From that day on, she always referred to the Bargain Shop as the Garbin Shop which when you think of it makes a great deal of sense.

thats right podunkster…fields is back to finish the job they couldnt accomplish over all the time they spent here in podunk!!!
I really hope something big comes here as I hardly spent a dime at xmas shopping here.  I did however spend a fair penny up the line in redneck (Terrace).

I hear you!  I shopped on line and in Terrace…  Except for food, I spent nothing for Christmas in Rupert… The thought of Fields back makes me laugh… A couple of years ago we were thought to be going to boom!  Now we get another junk shop… How much low end goods can we take…

Maybe if people spent more money here in Rupert then our local economy would be that much stronger.  There are lots of great stores here in town.