What's the new store in the mall?

What is going into the space at the bottom of the escalator at the mall?

I’ve heard from Prince Rumour that it’s going to be a Fields store, which is owned by HBC.  Any truth to that?

Yes, it’s Fields.

They are returning to Rupert?? 

where did it use to be? i cant remember

Pam told me to post in here, 'cause you’d know for sure, smartass.  

Also, is it going to be the standard Fields format?  Or the new mini mart format?  'cause otherwise it’s just a Zellers-branded Nargain Shop or Dollar Store.  Just what Rupert needs!  Yes, I wrote Nargain Shop, but I don’t want to correct it.  Nargain just sounds awesome.

But the mini mart format is actually nice.  


That is the old Fields store’s location.

It seems so stupid to have a fields and a Zellers in the same mall…That being said though, I heard a LONG,LONG time ago that all Zellers are being switched over to “Target”, so maybe that’s why?

I can’t remember if Fields was originally in the same spot in the Rupert Square,  but I do remember it being in the Pride of the North Mall… where Northern Health is now, and that was where it stayed until it closed down.

HBC does own Zellers, Fields, The Bay, and Home Outfitters.  From what I know (which really isn’t much,) there isn’t any plan to switch Zellers to Target, as Target only has stores in the US.  There are however, Zellers Select and standard Zellers stores… Zellers Select is a very small concept store, while our Zellers for example, has pretty much everything the company sells.

I’m not sure about the layout or concept of the store yet MiG… I too am really hoping it’s something nice… and not another Nargain store. 

Actually the new Fields store is going into the old Sann’s location.  Fields years ago was located in the Pride of the North where City Furniture is now.  Zellers and Fields owned by HBC (Hudson Bay Company). If you have an HBC credit card it can be used at The Bay, Zellers, Home Outfitters and Fields.

Not sure of the format though, interestingly enough the Smithers Field Store shut it’s doors this past summer.  Guess we will have the distinction of having the only Fields Store this side of Prince George. :unamused:

Oh no the Smithers store closed??  I bought a really snazzy talking stuffed duck there last winter.  It was definitely another Nargain store though… quite a collection of crap.

The SAAN store was at the bottom of the escalator.  Dunno what was there before that.

There’s a Fields in Kitimat, so this isn’t the only one west of PG.

Fields and Zellers are different markets, just like The Bay and Home Outfitters.  There are many locations that have a Bay and a Zellers, for example.  There’s some overlap, but they are really different market segments.

If this Fields is the new mini mart format, its going to be even more different than Zellers.

Ok. this article is really old, but without wasting a bunch of time, I couldn’t find anything newer:

theglobeandmail.com/servlet/ … ory/Front/

it’s about Target taking over Zellers.

HBC is majority-owned by Jerry Zucker, a South Carolina businessman.  Or at least his estate.  I guess his family owns it now.

Target never acquired HBC.

Forgot about the Kitimat store, another truly Nargain (it is an awesome word) store. Have you ever visited Kitimat’s Home Hardware Store, now that’s something else!

Do know Saan’s was in the Rupert Square prior to 1988 but can’t remember if it was there from the beginning or if there was another store prior.  It will probably come to me at 3:00 a.m.  The snow removal of 66 was much more exciting!


The store where City Furniture is now used to be McLoeods. It had two floors.
Fields was on 3rd. St. just up from the Bank of Montreal.

It was the SAAN store that shut down in Smithers, not Fields. A Bargain Store opened up in SAAN’s location.


Okay I got my Field’s and McLeods stores mixed up, happens at my age.

There is a Fields in Masset as well.