What's that thing?

Anyone know what that solar powered display thingy that’s by the Hays Creek bridge is for?

Pass 50 KPH and you’ll find out.

Doesn’t look like they have a camera / photo speed trap unit on it yet, so all you heavy footed bastards slow the fuck down so they DON’T deem it a viable location to set up a speed trap. Because I’d really be annoyed to have to slam on the brakes then resume speeding at Spiro’s!


If it was a speed trap then why put it there??? You’d think a better place for it would be over by McDonalds for people coming into town. People are constantly not slowing down when the limit changes to 50kph until they have too at the bridge!

I think it is just to make people more aware of what the speed limit is along there.

Its not a speed trap/you can’t get a ticket…it is just to tell you how fast your are going. If you are speeding it blinks your speed limit to you repatedly, reminding you to slow down.

They have them installed in many other cities across BC.

You see portable versions at construction sites. Great for testing your radar detector.

so are walmart parking lots.


so are walmart parking lots.[/quote]

So they actually go off from being in parking lots to close to buildings


so are walmart parking lots.

So they actually go off from being in parking lots to close to buildings[/quote]

Yup. Back when vancouvers water supply was polluted from flooding/whatever I had to find a walmart to buy some water… radar detector came in handy.

Seems like a logical place to me. Kids are crossing the crosswalk at 9th and McBride on the way to the middle school just past that.