Whats happenin up north?

as a certified cowgirl from the US, i wanted to ask what kind of equestrian activities there are in Canada. Do you have rodeos??? or is that just a USA thing??? Do you have racing??? I have never heard of it up there but i know Japan has horse racing so you guys must.

What type of horse thing do you want to know about?
Check these sites:

Well, im considering a career in horse training but i dont really want to live in the United States when i “grow up”. I kinda wanted to know what kinds jobs you guys might have up in Canada. (It would be nice not to have to leave the continent. All of my reletives are in USA, Ireland or Scotland.)

Simply asking what kind of industries you might have up there that are centered around horses. :question:

Simply asking what kind of **industries **you might have up there that are centered around horses. :question:[/quote]

Well, the mail is still delivered by ponies. And in Toronto and Montreal, cabs are not allowed and people use horse buggies to get to work.
There’s also a line of stagecoach between these two major cities ( Vancouver is too far so we use the steam engine).
Then there’s all the farming in Saskatchewan where the land is ploughed by horse.
And Cape Breton mines still use horses underground.
I’d say the most prestigious job is to shovel manure for the horses used all over the country by the RCMP.

And the baloney meat in Canada is all made from 100% horse meat.

Your best bet is to look around Calgary and southern Alberta. There are a lot of ranches around there. Calgary is also the centre for horse jumping and dressage.

You would probably enjoy this country alot , there is much as far as rivers,lakes for wonderful fishing. Lots of forests where one can hunt and trap for a living. If you do like horse back riding, it would be very different here for you because there is so many places one can go, so much freedom and no Bush to get messed up with. In Canada we know that a Bush is a plant and in the states there is a terrorist behind every Bush.

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second: Is the mail really delivered on horseback???

third: some people in the US know about bush as well, there just werent enough of us to vote him out. I happen to know of six people who would have carpooled with me to canada when bush was re-elected but only one of us had a passport.

Of course our mail is delivered by horse-back. We follow the Kyoto Accord up here! And I never really did like the taste of horse balogne so I’ve taken to penguin sandwiches. I guess America truly is ignorant of their neighbours above them. Oh well.

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and yes…americans are ignorant of their neighbors…i never said i was proud to be an american…i would much rather live in canada then the US…even if you do eat horse bologna.

Well, telling us your age isn’t going to lead us to your door. If I ask for your credit card number, address and sleeping/work schedule you may want to rethink answering me. I’m guessing you’re 16.

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lol this reminds me of the Rick Mercer Report when he went to the states and asked them questions about Canada. they new nothing about canada, thought we lived in Igloos had outdoor outhouses. I laughed my ass off at all those poor dumb americans, build that fucking fence I say, we need to keep out those greedy americans… lol… 50 years down the road there will be a new berlin wall coming down when those american will be streaming to get up the last wild fronter.

Buck’N’Burn you sound ok… better get your VISA and passport in order to come and visit us bad canadains… you may like what you see.

i thought you guys were farther then we are…my biggest impression of Canada is when my seventh grade history teacher told us that you guys were one of the worlds leaders when it came to nukes. :smiling_imp:

If it were legal for me to move to canada, i would have been there years ago…believe me. :wink:

And im already liking what i hear…my mind is pretty much set…you guys should probably start getting ready for me…i’ll be up in a few years.

Oh, we’ll be ready…

Wow, he’s a smart guy.

Did he mention that the indians build the nukes, then they store them in
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Easy people, you rubbed a nerve. We actually were king shit in peaceful nuclear technology. I know cuz I was in UBC during 3 mile island when all the hippies freaked everyone out that it was total evil.
I was even a cadet and saw the shed where there were no Bomarc warheads under total lockdown while they decided how to get rid of them. That was actually pretty neat in today’s fear of nuclear proliferation world. Canada scratches its head and says 'Nah this really isn’t us take these things away…'
Hell, I’d lobby the AEC for a reactor in Foreskin James. Pefect place for one.

Edit: Nuclear physics and organic chemistry were what I started into. The first part of my post doesn’t even make sense unless I tell you that.