Whats Closing Next in Rupert

With such a slow summer in town.  I am wondering what people think as to what is closing next here.  3rd Ave is dead, cowbay ghost town like and the mall is a silent. 

It’s not really closing but I ‘heard’ they are changing the name of our city hall, to VILLAGE hall.

Safe to say run by the village idiots?  Ah ok, come on…joking!  I heard the Zeller’s downstairs cheapo dept was closing, not enough staff. 

This place could be better run by small children most of the time. 
Zellers down stairs is a garbage dump.  Big loss losing extra foods…

Safe to say run by the village idiots?   [/quote]

Smirk! :smiley:

Lets be more positive everyone needs a job even the workers at cowbay Evey
job is valuable.

only loss about extra foods closing is i gotta wait in line ups at safeway now  :smiley:

Someone told me today that they may close the Thrift Store , I was told they have been cutting staff hours. I went to the soup kitchen last week and it was like walking into a hotel lobby, can they stop wasting money on decoor and let volunters work maybe it will be humble an not sew pricey.

Heard the thrift store no longer carries beds as they can have bugs.  Soon it will be furniture.  The local stores also no longer donate used beds.  If a person can’t convince the ministry to give them a max of $250 to a bed what can they do?  We need to do more bartering in the community.  I wonder how much would get exchanged?  I think its a good idea.  I am looking for a high end elipitical trainer, a dog sitter or possibly someone to adopt my dog. 

Well they didn’t open a BoosterJuice here in the Fort, but they’ll whip some old fruit up in one of those grungey Value-Village blenders at BoosterJuice prices.
Another great opportunity turned to shit…

Do they still give away beds at KAPS?  I know there is a real concern now with bedbugs, quite an infestation apparently but I don’t know that the Thrift Store did sell mattresses anyway, did they?  I understand the Ministry is cutting back on funding for beds etc. as the service has been abused to such a great degree.  It is very sad how some can spoil it for those that truly need it.    BTW rojafrog, do you have to give your dog away and I think the BC garage sale section had an eliptical trainer for sale awhile ago but don’t know if it is still advertised there now.  I hope you can keep your “pup”  :smiley:

codybear, yes, i think the wee white dog has to go, my disabilities mean i can’t give him what he needs but i will be very fussy about where he goes.  YOU would be my choice of a owner for him and he likes cats!!!  I will post pics and a proper note on him later but he is a 4 year old neutered male maltese. 

Isn’t baker boy closing?

No it is not closing down, that was just a rumour.

And a persistent one at that!


Crazy more and more closing, just heard that Coastal Nails down in Cowbay will be closing its doors soon, although didn’t care much for their service its just sad to see another business closing down.

I think you can still get nails at Rhona.

 lmao.... that was  a nail biter...

LOL so far they are not closing… the way things are I can see a day where we will have to go to Terrace to buy nails…