What you watched on TV tonight

Tonight provided no shortage of entertainment for television viewers, from political debates to baseball playoffs and network debuts. What did you watch?

I rather enjoyed Harper getting gang banged.

that strange hole in the wall game :confused:

I watched portions of the Biden/Palin debate last night.  I also tuned in for some of the post debate analysis.  Palin did better than I thought she would.  Biden used a disciplined approach and methodically hammered away at McCain’s record, platform.

I was in bed by 7:30…it was much more enticing than anything on tv!


I watched the Cubs/Dodgers baseball game…but it’s of no importance, because Boston needs to win  :smiley:


BC Lions on TSN.  Double header of foozeball tonight.  :smile:

Excelent game, looks like its between the lions and stamps for the west division this year. I think the RR are in tough with the injuries they have…ROAR!