What webserver do you run?


What webserver do you run?

  • Apache
  • Microsoft
  • SunONE
  • NCSA
  • Other

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seems microsoft is the “looser” of the battle to be number one.


Apache with PHP 4 and MySQL on Windows.


i run communigate pro and apache on debian linux kernel 2.4.20






I wish they had an exploits graph on that page.

Apache vs IIS.



I use both. On my left Apache for my sites that require Perl and PHP and on my right WIN2K running IIS for sites that require ASP and ASP.NET.

I prefer IIS as it’s easy to teach someone to admin is when I’m not around, but I like the cleanness of my server running apache. I’m also a little complacent about the level of security as I trust is a little more than my Win2k box.

I prefer my WIN2K box overall though, because I know it better.