What to do

Hey guys,
after couple months of searching and looking, I got a position in Rupert. I am now here (moved from Prince George), but my gf had to stay behind for about 8 months (school stuff). Work is going good, love the nice weather lately (I know I know, it will rain…), the only problem is that its getting kinda boring.  :confused: Im used to hanging out with a gf, but I wont see her for at least a month and a half. Anyone has any ideas. What do people do for fun in PR (other than this forum). Fishing is kinda done for the season, or is it? Not much into bar hoping, but would go out if that is the only thing to do. Really glad to be here, and Im looking forward to next summer…

Thanks guys


Ah, PG isn’t too far away.  Got a car?  Does your GF have a car?  Meet in Smithers.

You should buy a bike!

Moreover, you should buy my bike!

hackingthemainframe.com/smf/inde … 251.0.html

It comes with Guaronteed fun!

yeah get a bike, its what us rupert people do, bike or skateboard… Or smoke marijuana… Man theres alot of stoners in this town…

Anyways, a bike would be good, if you dont know how to bike (And i dont mean just riding it around) go to the skateboard park, theres alot of kids there who will probably show you some stuff.

I’d suggest meeting some people with similar interests and hanging out with them!  Girlfriends are great for making you forget about the other things you enjoy doing, heh. 

Go find the forts that the yanks had her during the war,  a fun hike and pretty cool bunkers out there.  Heck I’ll go out there with you,  I don’t really remember where they are exactly but I think you can get to the one on the hill near the ridley terminal.  Last time I was out there was that great party back in '84, still not sure how I got back.

Heh, yes that’ll last for a good hour! 

Oh hey, if you’re into rock climbing I’ve got my instructors ticket now so I can rent the wall if you get a few people together! 

Otherwise do what the rest of us do, drink and post on HTMF.  Or is that just me? 

That’s just you.  I also play hockey and bowl. 

speaking of bowling whats going to happen there, I hear its closing in 6 months time…

Take up a new hobby; painting, sculpture, woodworking, photography, etc.

some good ideas here…rockclimbing, definatelly an idea…but I got to lose some weight for that.  Bowling…that is something I would definatelly look into. You guys have a league or something? I got a small boat… not exactly for “real” ocean fishing, its a 14 footer with an outboard. Is it too late to do any kind of crabbing, or seting up prawn traps, or even fishing for that matter? Any of you into that? You show me the place, and Ill share the catch.

Just some ideas. But yeah…let me know on the bowling thing, that would be entertaining.

How can you people be bored in Rupert? My gf is in camp 3 weeks out of 4 and the Fort has become like a Dean Koontz novel.
There must be some creeping evil out there because by 8:00 pm everyone is inside their homes with their blinds closed and only a few pisstanks are stumbling the streets… no one in the bars, no bowling alley, no pool hall, you have to phone or drive up to the theatre door to see what’s on cuz they don’t advertise…

As far as I know… they are deciding on the bowing alley in november.  The owner of the property lives down south, and there are people leasing the building as a bowling alley, until they choose different.  They leased it for 2 years, and 2006-2007 is the final year of the lease.  So if the number of people bowling doesn’t go up, they would decide to give up the lease, and unless someone else takes it over, then it’s bye bye bowling in Prince Rupert, as the building could then be made into whatever the owner wants.

There is a mixed money league monday nights, ladies coffee league on monday afternoons, and mixed leagues wednesdays, thursdays, and fridays.  There is also youth bowling, for the ages of 3-18 on the weekends, as well as tuesdays after school. 

If you are interested in any of the leagues, just pm me or phone the bowling alley at 624-3291 and they will give you all the info and help you find a team if you wish.

I started up a team in the friday night league, and my liver will never be the same.

hit the water.  there are some pretty killer charter boat companies and adventure sight seeing tours…go up north towards Alaska, or out to the Charlottes…it’s like nothing you will ever see…mind you…i guess at this time of year you wont’ be going to the charlottes…one of my fav things was to drive to Terrace, and laugh.  If you go there, you will know what i mean. 

terrace shitkicks on rupert in the summer, lakes with real beaches, rivers, mad logging roads to explore on dirtbikes.

dude its always good times for crabbing in the harbor, prawns, primo time of year I figure, just make sure you have a license and are only trippin up other peoples pots or you’ll end up in one.

biking is pretty fun i guess, but pretty limited in rupert unless you want to pick up a shovel and go dig.  thats what i’d be burning my time at if I was there right now…

climbing can be fun even if you’re a lardass, just make sure your belayer is anchored :wink:

there are mad hikes to get on in rupert, salt lakes, gunsight lake, polymar lake, the transit from diana to the skeena…

i dunno if you’re a fatass id suggest doing the run up mt hays again and again until you’re not a fatass and then lots of fun outdoor stuff gets quite radical, kayaking, climbing, snowboarding…

hey while you’re at the running up mt hays you could push up charles_t’s bike and then ride it down! guaranteed fun, like he says.

Terrace were is it? Is it on the highway, man I haven’t been out there for ever I think I have been about 20 KL before turning around and headed back to Prince Rupert, I lived in Terrace and really if I had to pick between the two, I would pick Prince Rupert, I would pick Rupert just about every time except if I was going to live in Costa Rica, there is so much to do here biking, ATV up the mountain, hiking fishing, camping, Whale and Grizzly tours which I both did this summer.

all jokes aside, rock climbing would be fun… Bowling would be an idea.

Ok, who wants to go set some traps? Ill share. Show me a good spot, and Ill pull out my little shitty boat. Nothing too open oceanish, as its only a 14 footer, so around islands is cool. I guess keep in mind that harbour and right side of the island is closed for crab or prawn traps. Where is a good spot to buy some traps?

Thank you


im pretty sure the harbor is good styles for crabs…just dont do it in the shipping lanes, try over across in front of mcnichol creek… tucks (tux?) inlet for shrimp.

Ah heck, it’s not rocket science just throw the trap out until you get some crabs! 

Or…hook up with girls of questionable repute.