What the Bleep do we know anyways?

There is a movie called something like
"What the bleep do we know anyways"

It’s Full of creation’s little tricks and a good way to visually see why it is so hard to break bad habits. Also, the movie touches upon why it is so hard to remember the profound thoughts. The ones that feel so real and hard to lose because of the power they spark… but then, wait…it’ss…slipping…can’t, hold, on…something is, Happening…what happened???where Am I…What was I talking about???..I think my emotions are acting up again, too much censored thoughts going on in this world and I’m hard wired to believe them…something is controlling my mind…HELP ME!!! I’m melting,I’m melting,what a world, what a world…

We once thought it was flat, then we thought it was round, and now we find out it is hollow, what next…nothingness

I Am Now Nothing so I have Everything…


now… tuck off or get coherent!

Clear the clutter from thy mind and thee shall sea…What sparks such feelings in you???Do you not like what I say???Could it be something in your way???Do you not want to come out and play???or are you there to stay??? :bulb: