What sux more DISC or HIST

I liked NTV on the dish out here. Looks like they couldn’t sell enough ads so they’d toss in rock videos, and there’s some great bands in Atlantic Canada. Music seems to be more ‘fun’ out there.

Late at night (especially during movies) they only play videos, no ads at all. And they’re full videos too, not just parts of videos like during the day. That’s one good thing NTV has going for them. But they don’t play CSI anymore on Thursday nights. In fact, they don’t show it at all. And they only ever air crappy sitcoms and boring dramas during primetime, and soaps during the day. Then, in the late night spot, they have Dave Letterman (which is a decent show) and Craig Kilborn (who absolutley is not funny).

The best time to watch NTV is on the weekends after 3 or 4 in the morning, when they air old (and I mean old) episodes of SNL.

The only thing really dangerous in British Columbia are the wolverines. They tend to snooze in outhouses, so if you go camping remember to not hit the wolverine or you’ll wake it up. They tend to panic when they see their escape route closed and use their razor sharp claws and teeth to shred their way towards any light.
(sorry. campfire story I used to tell my kid sisters)

Mountain lions as well as Grizzlies have been responsible for a few deaths over the years.

but they don’t shred you from the up your butt :laughing:

IF go, it won’t be by shredding. I’ll jump from a very tall exotic dancer before I face the horrible “up your butt shredder”.


Not bad, but I want Nicole Kidman to kill me. Die in the saddle true western style. :smiling_imp:

I picked up a series 1 Tivo.
It’s a Phillips PTV300, Phillips HDR31202

What do I need to do to this box to get a bash prompt?
What version of Xtreme or whatever do I need?


Since we are all technicians here.

I dont know.

I followed some instructions at tivocanada.com to get my TiVo working.