What sux more DISC or HIST

even though i like these stations sometimes, they play the same thing over and over and over. Two years of the Aussie crok choker, now two years of obnoxioues louts on American chopper. Or JAG reruns from last week played again and old WWII footage. History Canada plays JAG? and Tour of Duty twice a night for 5 years?
What’s everyones most annoying channel? ABC? TLC? H&G?

1 vote for HISTORY

uh, history is a great channel ass. ill put my vote in for HGTV

Vote with your wallet, man.

it says HGTV too

wish i could (re my wallet) but they’re over the air broadcasts here. They took off NBC for this stuff !

Womens television network… i cant believe you all missed that.

Does that mean that you’re getting it for free? Then what’s the problem? You’re getting what you paid for, and no one is forcing you to watch it.

CTV sharedCH FOX GLOBAL CTVEast CBS CBC DISC HIST KNOW that’s whats on tv here. turned dish into birdbath

I vote for FOX.

No way, WTN occasionally has softcore lesbian porn on late at night.

I did not know that.


No way, WTN occasionally has softcore lesbian porn on late at night.[/quote]

Not to be confused with the softcore porn on Showcase. MUCH different.

there’s guys in the Showcase soft porn. Yukkk!!!

Yep, and they’re usually, old, fat, and hairy, or gay.

I don’t know weather it was Showcase or that other channel, but me and my uni buddies watched this messed up spanish movie. It had this news reporter chick in it and she had this messed up suit on with a camera on her helmet.

She died.

But yeah messed up. :open_mouth:

I agree, Fox really pisses me off getting rid of Futurama and Family Guy. Than bringing on these other dumbass reality shows (sorry KOA) i know ya kinda like a few of em’ but they plain and simple are CRAP! and I would rather be watching channel 32 (cable)

Hi, I’m Anne Medina, and tonight on History Channel we’re going to present Dirty Dancing’s Patrick Swayze in 1984’s Red Dawn, a specious bit of American drivel in which Cuba and Nicaragua after invading the usa on behalf of the Russians are held at bay by a high school football team.
What this totally inane fiction has to do with history stretches the definition to absurd limits, but we’re such a low budget lame ass station we’ll pretend it is a ‘cold war period piece’ and play it six times over the course of the day. Perhaps we could view it in the light of Reaganesque flag waving propaganda touted to instill a sense of patriotism in the unemployed youth of that era. In spite of the ridiculousness of the entire concept of this movie, we must acknowledge it’s effectiveness on the brainwashed young grunts serving in Iraq who continue to idolize parts of this show.
For anyone with a double digit IQ, we’re holding a contest to see who can come up with just how the USSR delivered attack helicopters to the east coast of the USA without being noticed by the entire US Navy, and deliver an essay comparing that in significance to the 911 intelligence failures.
At any rate, turn off your brain and enjoy the movie. Over and over again.


I only get NTV and CBC.


Speaking of sucky TV, I finally got around to my TiVo hacking project.

I now have a TiVo service emulator, which connects to Zap2It’s listings (thanks to labs.zap2it.com ), downloads the rupert listings for the next couple of weeks in XML format, and parses them and prepares them for TiVo consumption.

The TiVo is connected to this emulator (currently running on my GF’s thinkpad) by a long serial cable (roll-over CAT5, actually), and the TiVo calls it every 24 hours to update its listings.

It’s working like a charm, I can watch TV on the TiVo, pause, rewind live TV, etc. It also lets me surf the listings, picking out stuff to automagically record. Then there’s the thumbs-up and thumbs-down buttons, which will tell the TiVo what I like and don’t like, so it knows that to record for me. “Season passes” record the entire season of any show that I specify.

Next step is to put a big drive in it, which I’ll do when I get back from vacation.

Then I’ll make a website about it, I think. Most of the hacks and information came from tivocanada.com (which seems to be down right now).