What site to use for Free Music & Movie Downloads

Just wondering what everyone out there is using to download FREE:-DMusic and Movies these days?
I was currently using limeWire but had enough of it… too slow.

What would the best site be ?

Private torrets sites, they are so fast…


Is this site just for Mac?  I am looking for a better  site that works with Windows.  Anyone have a suggestion?

I don’t worry about FREE MUSIC and MOVIES.
Now I’m into FREE CARS and TRUCKS.
If you just take them from the GM holding lot, it’s not really stealing.
It’s not like you’re taking someone’s car or truck, GM just doesn’t get to rip you off by selling you one.

Good post Herbie…
Good job…

Sorry I was watching this today:
Cody is from the Fort.
When a kid came in and asked if I knew where they could download any of his songs.
Cody is my friend’s kid, and his Mom passed up a potential musical shot at fame to raise him and his brothers as a proper family. I’d like to see him have a shot at a career doing exactly what he’s good at, especially when his Mom gave hers up for his sake.
Mom gave him a mom. Dad works his nuts off in the mill. Big bro’ rode the hard-knocks highway. Give the kid a chance with that kind of talent.
That someone who sits in the same high-school just doesn’t “get this” is beyond sad. Another kid told me they used to laugh at him for singing when he was younger. They ain’t laughing now, but they’ve yet to learn that someone’s skill has any value. That’s something their parents aren’t teaching them, mostly because the parents don’t understand that themselves.

Downloading music is not theft.  I’m not sure if you really believe it is or if you’re trolling.  If you really believe it is, then you need to stop listening to the Americans, and start listening to some Canadian voices.  Read up on why the Canadian equivalent of the RIAA basically dissolved over this issue.

Even if downloading music is a copyright violation, it isn’t theft.  But this is Canada, where private copying (not stealing – copying), is perfectly legal.  It’s not even copyright violation.

Next you’ll be telling us that you can’t listen to music on the radio or TV without having a license.  I used to tape music off the radio and make mix tapes, I guess I’m no worse than a car thief?

Edit: to top things off, you link to a PIRATE video?  Aren’t you encouraging us to listen and watch music by stealing it?

Pork chop sandwiches!

That one’s promotional. In reality, there is no music of Cody’s to download yet.
We know the court in Canada has ruled downloading music is not illegal. But movies are.
Are you going to argue that downloading music with no intention of ever buying is not immoral?
You can’t compare say Limewire to radio, where every station that broadcasts has actually bought a copy, vs as little as ONE original copy to share P2P.
I’m arguing against the attitudes P2P filesharing has helped foster, that someone’s talent or skills is valueless and they are obligated to give it away without or with minimal reward.

My computer is broken. I don’t know how to fix it, but you do MiG. Fix it, now. I’m broke, maybe I’ll buy you a beer sometime.
Admit it, you’ve run into that.

Let the artists decide. These songs can be freely distributed. These songs can’t. All of them can be backed up for personal use.

I download music too. I lost over 600 vinyls in our house fire. Most of those I downloaded and erased (God a lot of SHIT was out back then), but with no kids around and living in the C&W zone, when I find something I like I buy the CD. My kids have never bought any CDs except as Xmas presents for me.  They honestly don’t see why you’d pay for music, and none of their friends can either.