What? No comments about Home Coming 2010?

Last night there were actually people and cars downtown.  Breakers was full.  Restaurants had people in them.  People with money and solid pensions who could afford to come back for a visit.  Must have been a shock for those who lived here during the good times to see all the boarded up storefronts.  Then again they left town after having earned well for all those years.  I have only lived here during the depressed times and only know of the stories of all the money that was flowing back in the day. 

Perhaps a money jar for donations across from the Welcome to Prince Rupert sign on the highway could help. The former residents can leave some loose change  behind on their way out of town, we can use it for paint and plywood.  

The economic decline at least in part, can be blamed on all those that left. Never mind donations, we should charge them all a head tax for coming back.

LOL, oh that would be good for return business.  Maybe reparations for their past efforts and subsequent financial winfall could be suggested as well, maybe take charge of the microphone at the big show tonight and offer up the idea, count to three and then run . :smiley:

:unamused: what a ridiculous statement.  People left (myself included) because the writing was on the wall for many years. Sure if all the people stayed there’d be a lot more people to pay the excessive city wages but the money would come from welfare checks because there isnt enough money in rupert to sustain an economy of that size.

I think this is a good weekend to sell those blue pills to make some extra cash. LMAO. I■m sure everyone is having a great time in this once very nice town. Great job well done by all the people that organized it.

:unamused: what a ridiculous statement.  People left (myself included) because the writing was on the wall for many years. [/quote]

What? No wonder Rupert is in decline-- Jesus left and now we have no one to ‘Save us’  lol

Maybe a sign should be made exhibiting HTMF website location and should be  displayed in the different ‘Prince Rupert 2010 Homecoming’ venues for visitors to log in to HTMF and give their views/opinions/comments … what do you think?

Maybe also a laptop computer could be made available at an easily accessible location.

It would certainly be interesting to read some of the former residents’ comments

I’m coming back… not to PR… well maybe.  I’d rather own an acreage than a small hut though so probably (hopefully) not.

I’m curious to hear what my family thought of their visit, they left long before the economic downturn and were amazed we stayed up there as long as we did. Mind you, we didn’t leave over lack of work but because we wanted to try life away from the north for a while…

      Well Saffron, I have heard from customers the last two days, that they are having so much fun. They are catching up on old stories. Last night’s pub crawl had a huge turnout, and apparently there were line-ups into a couple bars… hahaha, just like the old days…
  It is great to see some old faces, and reminisce with a few…the weather is cooperating.
It’s too bad some of you have to be so negative…as usual…
Well Saffron, let us know what your family thought of their visit… :smile:

I was at the dinner and dance last night and thought i wouldn’t know many people as i am not from here but i was suprised at how many i did recognize.  I also ran into a person i know down south who married a lady from here.  small world.  I doubt the civic has ever had 2100 people in it at once before.  It was well done, the food while not great was just fine, the lines were well organized.  The line ups for the bar looked short and when the band started they were not to loud.  The best part was the band was in one of the gyms and the seating was in the arena and large gym so people could still visit.  It looked like everyone was having fun, saw lots of hugs, happy people, cameras flashing.  It was honestly pretty amazing.  The organizers pulled this off so well.  I heard CBC was sending a crew to document as how many communities across the country can pull this kind of event off so well?  I have heard nothing but good stuff from people who have been attending all the events…pretty damn cool for PR!

  awesome…I can’t wait for lots of pics, and hopefully, good coverage of all the events and comments from visitors. If anyone here knows when this will be broadcast on CBC…or our local, please post that info…thanks

Didn’t attend any of the functions myself, but from neighbours and friends have heard that it has been a pretty enjoyable weekend, lots of catching up going on and the organization aspect of it all has been first class.

So congrats to all those that took the time to put it in motion, judging from the comments I’ve heard it’s been a job well done.

Super job ladies hope you can do it again soon.

“again”?? … and what did they do to you ajaye?  Mmmmm just a bit curious :smile:

It was a great party nice to everyone again it felt like old times.

Would you say it had a happy ending?

Missed it just got back from Ontario this evening, hope everyone enjoyed what is left of this city or should we say town. I missed HTMF for some reason. Cobybear and I had a good time in Ontario and I was just taken back by how the areas are so well kept, people’s properties so clean and cared for, streets nice and clean as well and also the downtown areas so well maintained.

There are lots of people to thank who helped pull this huge event off. The organizers, the volunteers, the service clubs and organizations.who stepped up to help as well. The staff at the Civic Centre, #1 Catering, and the La Gondola for the great spread. Triple By Pass for rocking the house, and to all the people who came HOME and to those that are still here for helping make this Event such a success.  I have said it before but will say it again RUPERT ROCKS!  I don’t knwo of too many places that could put something like this together. The bars were packed and there were lots of smiles. I think we put on our best and even if it was just for the weekend … Rupert shone!