What kind of Psycho R U?


Im a axe murderer.

My precious…

Yes Master Frodo.

I’m Hannibal Lecter =/

Tommy DeVito from Goodfellas

I am norman bates :laughing: and apparently i want to have sex with your mom and kill someone in the shower because its easy to cleanup after ( which was my origional thinking)



Hannibal Lecter…creepy…

Yeah, I’m hannibal also. Nicce. That website just wants to flatter me.

I’m Norman too :frowning:

haha wtf im hannibal

I am the Luci Lou’s character from Kill Bill! WTF?

Cool guess I’m the first Agent Smith


second that

ps. anyone notice that the knife at the top during the quiz is a nazi SA [yes SA not SS] dagger?