What is this reflecting in Dick Cheney's sunglasses?


A picture released by the White House from a recent fishing expedition on the Snake River in Idaho has the Internet buzzing about just what it is that Vice President Dick Cheney saw…

Weapons of mass destruction?

John McCain polling numbers?

The list of members in the draft Dick Cheney for President committee?

Or, is it as the Internet conspiracists suspect something with much more flesh to it…

Perhaps it’s a mermaid, hooked on an untamed Idaho river.

Inquiring minds want to know!

Here are some of the suggestions on the visions of Cheney thus far:

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suntimes.com/news/politics/8 … 08.article

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It’s a hand, holding a fishing pole.

It’s SO refreshing to see the press and inter-tubes making hay over something so freaking mundane, isn’t it?


Looks kind of like a naked chick to me. :unamused:

its a naked chick is it his wife?

Oh…man…I hope not…I’ve seen his wife. :stuck_out_tongue:

The bigger more disturbing question is prompted by the grin on his face… Just where exactly are his hands. 

get yer minds outta da gutter…hahaha
its him holding a fishing rod…and no not of the human anatomy variety…

I see tits… and I should know I am an expert in these matters.

I thought I saw tits too.
Mind you, they were really big tits, and they were very very round. Obviously not real.

I submit my title as tit expert to ^^

Well considering I see big boobs every day of my life. I know what they look like when they are real.
And those don’t look real.

And most girls are Tit experts, considering we do have two of our own. :laughing:

I agree that the picture seems to be a naked woman (I also agree they look fake)

BUT. there are multiple pictures that podunkian posted that has Zoomed/Cleared pictures that make it out to be a fishing pole =\

the excitement was fun while it lasted though =D

I think the grin is for all the people that are going to spend time trying to figure it out, one must get out more.

we’re all posting at the same forum.

doesnt that asshole have some work to be doing, brown people to be psuedo-drowning or genital stomping?

I guess its almost preferable he’s taking it out on fish…heads up skeena river peeps: cheneys got his eyes on the eulachon oil…

Genital stomping? Giddyup: