What is the most economical and well-worth-it DVD/CD Burner to buy in PR?

Would like to get a new burner, internal one and not sure which kind to look for.  Any suggestions on what kind I can get to do backup copies of my karaoke cdgs?  Have purchased cdgs online from Ont. and wanting to back 'em up before they get more scratched.

There’s a seller on the Rupert Garage Sale blog for:
LG internal 16x Super-Multi DVD/CD Rewriter
8.5 GB DVD+R Double Layer
8.5 GB DVD-R Dual Layer

Is this a good one or is there something better that I should be looking at?  Any suggestions welcomed for in PR purchase and/or ideas for online purchases if that’s best.  What should I be looking for? CD-Text & CD-Extra as options? Lightscribe?

Fer fuck’s sakes, brand new ones are under $50

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Hi Folks,

herbie does know everything there is to know about DVD/CD burners, he is a computer technician.  I trust his judgment.  His comment is acceptable in my opinion, this is HTMF after all:-)  He informed the user that a new burner is inexpensive. 
Let us all take a collective breath of fresh air and relax.  Okay? 
Thank you.  :smile:

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