What Industry if any would Northern BC residents like to see

Like the question asked what industry would we like to see inland and on the coast. There have been alot proposed but none seem to sit well with some people. Or should we put closed for business sign?.

i like podunks april fools idea  turn watson island into a theme park like barkerville but have rides that are themed around mills and fishing and containers and the titanic (for charles hays). need a big theme park up north here  :smiley:

Why don’t we get a grant to form a committee to study that?
They can meet somewhere central like Burns Lake, so everyone gets lots of travel chits.
And lease them vehicles built in Turkey, because they get better mileage.
Make a website, host it in Texas because it’s cheaper.
Hire a designer from India because it’s cheaper.
Hand out lots of leaflets, printed in Toronto and couriered because it cheaper.
Maybe post the Chairman position and hire a bigwig from Toronto too, because no one from central BC could possibly be good enough.

oh wait… been dare dundat.

heh heh… well done herbie. :smiley:

Sarcasim is not a viable industry.

just been quite a few threads started to see peoples ideas of what we need and they end up in people whining or complaining etc so figured i would start with lighthearted sarcasm lol

I know theres lots of power up there… hows the bandwidth?  I assume its really expensive?  If not I’d like to see something in the tech industry maybe a datacenter?

I like the idea of wind farms, I’ll admit I dont know too much about the negative effects - but they sounds pretty good.

A big max-security prison on digby island would generate employment and maybe even a bridge  :stuck_out_tongue:

Windfarms are OK they do kill a ton of birds, and create NO habitat for sealife (if at sea) due to the current flowing through the cable. Alot of resources are used to build them and there supporting systems. As for the prison, our own Alcatraz eh?, hhmmm not bad.

absolutely!! When its no longer needed as a prison - it can be converted into a tourist destination/trap  :smiley:  if its done right it could work!!

As for wind farms - they seem like the lessor evil of industry - no matter what industry we try to attract there will be negative effects on the environment, or at least potential environmental threats.  To which there will be opposition.

Yes there would be,ironic eh?. I think we should send a pipeline east and south with water in it before they come and want to pay pennies on the barrel,So to speak. Not even clean it for them,we could I guess low,mid,and high grade H2O.

I betcha someone, somewhere would find reason to complain about about a water pipeline.  :stuck_out_tongue:

Sunshine would send them in a tizzy, water is already worth more then oil, somthing to marinate on I guess.

hell just build a nuclear power plant here a few billion dollars in the community would go a long way :stuck_out_tongue:

Any “value added” type of industry would be a great opportunity here.
Right now we ship out all our resources “raw” or with minimal processing done here.
Almost all fish caught in the north coast is either simply canned here or shipped straight to the lower mainland for processing. There is tremendous opportunity for niche type of processing here, like preparing fish candy or jerkey…
In forestry we ship all our logs overseas in the raw form, with the exception of the planned bark stripper(which in the scope of value added is minimal). A person can do all sorts of value added prcessing of trees here, from the very basic, like the stripping of bark, to pre-fabrication of log homes.
With all the hooplah? about negative effects and such, adding valued to existing industries seems like an easy sell regionallly.

Reading some of the posts on this thread, I was reminded of the BC Hydro $100 rebate that Gordo, handed out to all BC residents some years ago, encouraging them to spend on something “made in BC”. A friend of mine was boasting he spent his $100 on pot and a hooker because they were the only things he could find that were ‘made in BC’. LOL

Sorry to sound like a Debbie Downer but any company/industry would complete an environmental scan before investing what would be hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars (or maybe more)?  Within this scan would be an evaluation of human resources. 

This means more than, “Is there a population there interested in working?”

Our present population median points at the semi to under skilled type.  What company/industry really needs a lot of these types?  Or are we thinking about attracting these people from away?

your totally wrong daily news theres alot of people in rupert constantly on ei and doing underpaid truck driving and longshoring jobs that are skilled and trainable workforce but they all seem to stay in rupert and also work out of town if industry came for example the tech kominco company is thinking of buying the old pulp mill and making it a steel mill the place would see alot of change for the good alot of money would be spent in rupert but its people like you that seem to discourage the developement … you do know that newspapers are on their way out better be ready to find a new career so you might be one of the ones looking for industry and just dont know it

There is genuine emotion in your words but not genuine facts.  The total population of Prince Rupert is not large enough to back up the statement, “there are lots of people”.

The exodus of the trained workforce years ago has now aged a good number of years and it is doubtful many would return plus a number are now near retirement.

It is good to dream but if these dreams are not practical then what is the exercise all about?  The dream on someone coming in to save this community and to provide good wages for all continues.  Hopes are raised and then dashed and so the cycle goes.

Well, I think Watson Island should be a small Navy base. Naden in Esquimalt being our only Navy Base on the West Coast is not adequate IMO. And when you consider the implications of having a new pipeline coming to the west coast, a small Navy base in the North makes good sense.  It would also be very good for Prince Rupert and area economies.

I want the gondola back with a nice restaurant, park, etc. on top. 

More Cruise ships

more to come when time permits…