What happens to our Pets?

I know this is not a “nice” subject, but on the heels of Codybears’ topic a week ago regarding her cat, I have to wonder how do we know for sure, that when we have our pet cremated, that it is indeed done.  I know that if we do not bury our own pets or have them cremated, they are buried at the dump. A sad reality. So, is there any way to confirm that when you receive the ashes of your pet that they are indeed its ashes or do we have to go on blind faith with this one?  I am sorry if I sound insensitive, but I think it is a valid question. Does anyone have experience with this and where is the crematorium and how are they transported there? I was told there is one in PG.

Where did they cremate your cat?  At the vet?

Are you and Codybear the same person?  

Some people buried their pets at the “secret garden” on Ridley Island.

I bury my pets in whatever happened to be their favorite place to go was. 

Jazella it’s no different than when you cremate a person. Do you stand there and supervise the oven they use? No, you take it on their word and professionalism that you are getting your loved one back.

Same thing here.

Well it is a very interesting question especially if that pet loved one made you feel that close. My mother was just cremated and that was my question, I guess follow Crazy Mike’s advice and take the word from the person holding the lighter.

  No, I know a couple of pet owners who have had thier pets put down and  they were asking themselves these questions so I was curious. I guess Crazymike is right though, you have to believe in their professionalism. Must be hard though.

It’s a matter of faith, both with pets and people I should think. I know that I plan on being cremated when I go and my ashes scattered, it’s more of a gesture than anything else but stil, you have to trust to other’s honesty.

I trust the system enough that I had my first dog’s body cremated via the vet and then scattered her ashes at Moresby Park. For my cats, they were buried in the back corner of our yard there and then had some large perennials put over them. Since I’ve moved away, we’ve stuck with burial on our property for our pets but when our current pair of dogs pass on, I may have to go back to cremation since they are too big to easily bury.

Not pleasant if you love your pet but…They go to the landfill. So if you cared about your pet when it was alive,Bury it yourself somewhere nice.

I am waiting for my “girls” ashes to be returned to me next week and then I will decide what to do with them.  I was unaware of the disposal of our pets and I think it is disrespectful and frankly plain disgusting but that being said, I am also aware that I do not live in a big city with access to a crematorium and what is done is done. She is a memory I will treasure as it should be with our four legged buddies. Too bad though that we couldn’t  put a small cross out there to mark the area of this gravesite, so to speak. It might help a few pet owners without the financial means for cremation or other options for burial to work through the grief process.

That’s what happens…

The body is but a vessel for the soul, and when the soul has left the body empty, the final resting place is important only to the living. When my vessel is empty cremate me and put me where you will, it matters not to me, for I shall be overhead yelling “what the heck were you thinking using me to level the potholes on third ave”.

I am so very sorry jees. I know how hard it is but at least you and I will know where out pets remains are. There are some I have spoken to who had no idea where their pets were disposed of. I really think it would be nice, if it were feasible, to place a memorial cross at the burial site at the dump, just a final sign of respect. Any feedback on this idea?    And flyman, that was bad ! LOL  !!

I’m sorry, I know it was bad, but only the second half. I truly believe the first half, when I die and I’m gone what happens to my body is of little concern to me.

Donate my organs so that others can go on, or put me on a shelf or in the closet, it’s the job of the living to go on and the dead to keep an eye on us, and wait for that day when we meet again.

A marker at the community dump doesn’t sound like to much to ask, but I don’t think I could send a pet out like that, like I said the vessel’s final resting place is the concern of the living.

I didn’t even think about it when I had to put my Emma down.  I trusted that the vet and the crematorium would be professional and return her remains to me.  When summer comes round I’ll be taking her ashes down to the bottom of the Butze trail and spread her remains in that little cove.  She loved going out and splashing in the shallows there and would do so for hours if I let her. 

Anybody have a clue as to what happens to pets of believers when the Rapture hits? 

No idea, however I’m still intimately connected with all the critters I have encountered in my passage through this life. Each and every one of them has taught me to respect life in whatever form I see it.