What ever happend to the gum pole

Tiger Tiger Woods Y’all.

Yeah, that’s right. I don’t know why I had Rock on my mind. I was thinking Rush Hour too. I guess it was late.

hmm im kinda lost so i’ll leave it at that.

they all look the same anyway

how rude! (crosses her arms with a pouty face)

theres one thing i want to no… where this guy get the pic of tucker and rock? he must like them lol


learn it love it leave it forget it

geez fred is such a noob :unamused:


Hey!!! I’m not a noob. I think well anywhy what ever

[quote=“Alpine Scrub”]


haha wtf

yop he has noob written all over him

ok i am probably a noob but i’ll stil denine it.

What country are you from Fred?

It doesn’t matter where, he should go back there and learn how to spell.

What counrty do i come from? Well i come from a country called Urgay. :smiley:

Added to the HTMF quotes :wink: Nice.

Of coures its nice i mean Homer said it. lol