What are you watching?

I haven’t been listening to much music lately since I listen to it all day at work… so I’m going to change this a lil bit.

I’m watching Average Joe 3: Adam Returns episode 3.

I just watched the Sharks not sweep the series.

Too Bad Rypoo.

I just finished watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition (Mendoza family) They spend tons of money in each house this one kid got a telescope on the roof of the house that he can control from his computer.

I tune into The Swan(don’t ask why.) I watched Family Plots on A&E the other night, it was pretty cool. But I’m not typically the TV type.

I’m not the tv type either, unless it’s sports related.

I’m the “will download anything she feels like it” type.

chapelle show, the one with rick james and charlie murphy… holy frickin moly its good

actually last night i indulged in some family guy (didnt float my boat)
futurama (laughed my ass off, which i dont usually do : “IS THE SPACE POPE REPTILIAN?” i now appreciate bender…)
and then the BITCHINIST “NATURE” program on Ireland, [size=24]blew my mind, like a neolithic farmer on lsd riding a full suspension mountain bike down a fire road at 110 km/h.[/size]

umm just finished watchin south park

I was watching channel 36, sports highlights and some muchmusic interview with the Sweatshop union. so lik eyah>?

umm in a min imma gonna go see if ER is on yet so ill probably watch that

I heard ER is going to be very good today hopefully my suspicions will be right.

I (heart) T.V

Just so you know, that totally makes you sound like a fag.

Anyhow, I just watched some dude headbutt some other dude, and likely break the dude’s nose.

^ haha

well ER was pretty good … but now im not watchin ne thing…

tell us more!

I get frustrated when I sit down to watch some TV. I can never find anything worthwhile on and when I do, it is almost over. So I am not only wasting time sitting on front of the television, I am wasting even more time flicking through the channels. So very seldom do I even bother with it.
I would rather waste time in front of my computer screen. I have way more options and way more control. Hmmm maybe I have a control issue ?

Regardless, you’re wasting your time.

I just finished watching Takeshi Kitano’s Dolls. It’s a rather fruity movie, but it was pretty good. Cronicalling the bizzare lives of several characters.

Oh yea, and I caught waking life recently. It was rather ok. The philosophy in it was rather so-so, but interesting to see in a movie none the less. And the animation is pretty cool and gives it this strange feel.

Oh, and did anyone catch the OC the other night? Oh god, I can’t wait to see how the season ends.

Third Watch, Fridays at 10 on CBC.

Naruto ep. 80

umm nothing right now … tv gets boring after a while…

not when malcom in the middle is on

sadly i find that show amusing, guess its the nerdiness of malcom