What are you eating?


A nice steaming hot plate of chicken satay from my friends at Galaxy Garden.


A steaming hot plate of sweet&sour boneless Northern Tire employees. A little stringy, and I had to shoot them myself, but it’s rather satisfying.


A cranberry-orange muffin from Tim Hortons, and some lemonade-like sports drink.


What the hell does this thread have to do with TV & Movies?


mmm tv dinners


haha ooops sorry I wasnt paying attention, can some ohh great and powerful moderator please move it to the General Forum.




Clay baked chicken, with veges, onions, garlic, rice, and fresh bread. (I married an amazing lady who cooks way better than I ever could!)


groan Mcdonalds…never again…


Some of that 99 cent kraft mac and cheese. Not bad for the cheap stuff.


ive said that many times… Hey! its McChicken day tomarrow! cant wait!


I considered a career in the culinary arts. I worked as a cook all through high-school and loved it. I love cooking and try to as much as I can.

Personally I think I cook better than my wife does, though she is quite talented herself.


Ouch! I have never heard a husband say that before!
Cooking doesn’t need a whole lot of talent. It needs a great recipe and a person who knows how to follow one.


I had homemade chili made with green peppers, ground beef (slaughtered in Smithers) all sorts of different beans and chorizso sausage / with butter rolls and basmati rice…

  (btw I feel like an idiot telling you guys what I ate, haha)

  • You should be used to that feeling by now.


haha… but when you showed up, I felt a sense of relief there HoshQ… Even if I tried, I would never be able to come up with the twisted garbage you do. Now get out of your van, quit taking stalker photos of little girls and act like a grown man that you are supposed to be.


sorry, i think consensus is that you suck more than him.

his name sounds like hose head hq or something, which makes me think mckenzie brothers, which makes me chuckle.

you just suck.


An opinion of that sort doesnt matter considering the source. Okay little guy?




AAAKKKKK!!! You shall never dine on my Cold Peanut Chicken woman!

ou just decribed factory food, not cuisine!