What are the chances?

Anyone have a 215/65/15 for sale? :open_mouth:

I guess it’s time to go lay in the rain and put on my micro-spare.

Hahahaha nice one.

I was going to get new tires anyway, but maybe I’ll just have this one patched for now.

Man, whoever did that needs to look up the definition of “keying” a car.

Heh, if someone actually angled a key under my tire while I was in Subway, it was a pretty quick crime. I’m pretty sure I picked it up near the crosswalk of 3rd/McBride. There was no hiss at that red light, but she sounded like a mad cat at the 5th/Mcbride light.

Thanks to the dick who decided the shoulder was part of the right lane… I lost 50% of my air waiting for your dumb ass to move out of the way.

typical prince rupert drivers. if you want to find whose key it is, just go to the shelter tongiht and ask who cant get in there house, than shit kick em!

If someone is helpless enough to end up in a shelter becuase they can’t find their house keys, then they probably have a hard enoguh tiem living life as is… 'shit kicking them woudl just be rude.

Secondly, unless they’re 4, I wouldn’t stand a chance in a fight anyway.

[unrelated] What’s the deal with the Schwinn bike hanging in Tim Horton’s? I want it. [/unrelated]

The bike is a roll up the rim prize. At least 2 were already won in Rupert, within 10 minutes of each other.

I’ve decided Roll Up The Rim is fixed. The winning cups aren’t “randomly” spread out. In fact, winners come separated from the non winners, and it is someone’s responsibility to mix them up, whether it’s at the restaurant, or some warehouse. If they don’t mix up the cups, everyone that buys their cups of coffee within the same time period, wins.

I say this because in Kamloops just recently, a number of bikes, tv’s and cash were all won within a half hour or so of each other. The manager was freaking out because no one mixed up the cups.

yeah, thats the way its done… :unamused:

post a link, back that up. i dont believe that tim hortons management would be dumb enough to let the people that work behind the desk distribute the prizes. or the people in the warehouse. its done at the factory where the cups are manufactured, undoubtedly. think about how many “muffin” or “coffee” winner cups there are to mix in!!

the cups arent lottery balls, you cant take a box of nested “losers” and mix in a box of nested “winners”. consider the time it would take for an employee to “mix” the cups.

get real.

Got my tire patched, finally… Man oh man, I didn’t want to pay for it, but I was polite and did… They made me pay a deposit to borrow their airtank to fill the flat tire, so I could get to the shop… Good thing 30psi is enough pressure to fill a tire, NOT… Anyway, after swearing about it, putting the spare on and dropping the flat off. I asked him to look for any used 215 or 225/15 tires they might have for sale, and I was told to come back in an hour. An hour? Well whatever, I did. I guess they decided other things were more important becuase the tire was sitting where I left it, still flat, and whether or not they had any used tires was still unknown. I figured they must be pretty busy or something. He said come back in 30mins, so I went out to the range, talked to a DFO guy, got some gas, ate some lunch and went back about 45mins later. The guy saw me get out of the car and he vanished into the shop where I saw him pulling the flat tire off the rim… Well, I sat and waited the ten minutes it takes to patch the damn thing and they charged me the $20 dollar flat repair rate… I hate bad customer service. They did this to me last time I went there too. So I guess this was my LAST VISIT EVER TO NORTHERN TIRE IN RUPERT.

Is the RUTR thing still going? I didn’t get a special RUTR cup last night with my XLDD. Who do I need to slap?