What are people watching on TV these days?

I have another question for you kind folks.  The kids I’m giving the presentation to also want to know what TV shows are popular in Canada these days.  I’ve been gone so long that I’m sure I don’t even know a lot of the shows that are on TV at all.  So could you tell me what you’re watching these days, as well as what your kids are watching?


Lets seeeeeee I watch Crossing Jordan, Ugly Betty, One Tree Hill, The OC, Friday Night Lights, CSI, Grey’s Anatomy, House, Sopranos, 2 and a Half Men, How I Met Your Mother, The Class, The Biggest Loser, Beauty and The Geek, Big Brother, Survivor, Real World, Road Rules, and whatever other reality shows are the flavour of the week.

Sopranos, Speed TV, Iron Chef, Hell’s Kitchen, CSI, Family Guy, Traile Park Boys, Global News, Crossing Jordan, Rescue Me, Robot Chicken.

What the hell? No Hero’s? No Battlestar? Not even a 24? What kind of people are you?!? You probably don’t even watch The Office. Shame on all of you. :astonished:


I hate sci-fi crap.  But you can add the Office to my list… I forgot that one.  As well as Family Guy, American Dad, and the Simpsons.

My morning starts precisely at 5:30AM with Lynn Colliar and Steve Darling.  (I don’t miss Sara Daniels’ piecing voice one bit).  Together, Lynn and Steve set the stage and fill my mind with newsworthy events to which might spark conversations around town later during the day, and I would like to be up on various matters should that happen.  During prime time hours, I like to watch American Justice, Cold Case Files, Exhibit A and City Confidential.  I can also be found monitoring the Discovery Channel (Cable 2) and learning about various airplane disaster causes.  (I mean, who would’ve guessed that a McDonald Douglas’ DC10 while in flight, had a roll-over allowance of 60% yet can still roll-over 140% without breaking up?)  I am quite fascinated with the discoveries evolved in the flight industry.  The “flight deck” never has a dull moment and on most carriers, passengers can tune in on Channel 9 to monitor the flight deck conversations with various traffic controllers while venturing from point “a” to point “b”.  To me, the Discovery Channel is sort of like a stereo playing in the background, sometimes you turn it up and sometimes you turn it down.

Lets see, there’s 24, CSI and its replicates, The Daily Show, Jericho, Rome, Sopranos, The Wire, Brotherhood, Law and Order, Law and Order CI and SVU, Criminal Minds, Studio 60 once and awhile, Frontline, American Experience, Soundstage, The Simpsons, Rick Mercer Report,  Air Farce, Intelligence, Hockey when it’s on, The CFL and NFL when the seasons are on. For News I’ll surf around CNN, FOX and CBC Newsworld, Global National and Tony P’s 6 oclock news.

I’ve been watching Little Mosque on the Prairie, but I’m not sure I’ll be a long time comittment, suspect the plot and comedic value will drop off as the episodes progress, but we’ll give it a chance. 

Geez, do I ever need to read a book or go out for a walk soon, way too much tee vee viewing there :unamused:   

Lets see…I’ll jump in here on this one…

Heroes, Rick Mercer, 22 Minutes, the monday night comedies on CBS, The Office if I remember.

Dont do any of the CSI’s. I watch the Unit, sometimes NCIS, l watch Discovery, Space and channel surf the news between CNN, Newsworld and CTV NewsNet.

I get annoyed by Global news. They repeat so much stuff that if I watched it at noon, it’ll be on at 6 or 11. I gave up watching them in the morning, specially now since its all Pickton, all the time. I tune into the CTV morning show now, or listen to CBC radio.

Oh any of the Antique Roadshows, with the original British one my fav. History channel has some good stuff. A few things on Food, HGTV and Life if I happen to catch them. Lots of British home shows on HGTV that are good.

How much is too much tv watching? I think I probably watch about an avg of 10 hrs or so in a 7 day week, sometimes less, sometimes more.

So Stardog, what do you watch in Japan? Whats popular with the kids there?

No one watches Prison Break?  :confused:

OK, HTMF members, I exercise while I watch TV :smiley: so that this doesn’t sound so bad, and I am employed and I do have a life and…and…and…I do love TV!!! OK, here goes, Food network especially Hells Kitchen and Iron Chef America, HGTV,some of the Comedy Network (Just for Laughs),Bravo, Discovery, History,Rescue Me, CSI the original and NY not Miami,Jericho, NCIS,ER, Greys Anatomy, Criminal Minds, Old Christine, Two and 1/2 Men,PBS,Today Show, CTV news, CNN, Anderson Cooper,TLC & A&E and of course CFL and I think that’s it!!!  I have just been watching the menu on 11 and thinking Holy S–T, I need to cut back as obviuosly I don’t sleep much but I do just keep it on sometimes for background noise :unamused:  HONEST!!! I can hear you all snickering out there!!! STOP IT NOW!!!

Good question. A lot of cartoons, even at 15. And we’re not talking South Park or The Simpsons either. We’re talking stuff like Doraemon or Sazae-San.. Variety shows are also big, with various themes from music and entertainment to oddball games and quizzes.

Dramas are also big, though most of the content is obviously over the kids’ heads. They don’t really do sitcoms, and American comedies don’t usually go over too well simply because Japanese humor is so fundamentally different.

One show that got a lot of attention was called “Juu-yon-sai no haha”. Now this may sound like a weird title, but it actually means "The fourteen-year-old mother." It’s about a teenager who gets pregnant and decides to go through with it rather than get an abortion. Needless to say, it’s quite controversial–while teenage sex and pregnancy are not all that uncommon around here, it’s still quite taboo to talk openly about it.

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head, though I’ll ask my students today at lunch and see what else is big.

24 is decent.  But I fear I’m far too behind to realize what’s going on.  Religiously watched
the first season and part of the second. 

I’ll be honest…Battlestar was never my fancy. 

Heroes writing is brilliant, haven’t missed an episode.

The Office.  I still prefer the UK version.  Call me pretentious if you like. 

I can’t wait until Jericho starts back up again as well.  Despite some horrible performances,
and excruciatingly horrible dialog.  I think it will improve.  Albeit slowly, but it’ll improve.

To be honest, I focus my attention more on art house films.  That and the short run of
a British comedy called ‘Spaced’.  If you can find it, than I’d recommend trying it out. 
Although, the only option is to download it as the dvd is only available in Europe. 


I’m made by The Sopranos. Whenever I can, I get thrown into Oz, and get enlightened by the Little Mosque on the Prairie. You have to know how to be a Survivor Man in order to you know, survive, and I like to have a taste of Myth Busters. Perhaps oddly enough from the aforementioned choices, I don’t mind indulging in the opportunity to Be the Creature.