What a show on the skeena

seen pods of sea lions yesterday feeding on what i am suspecting are oolichans.

some of the pods had 30 sea lions in it…was soooo very impressive to watch…

Yup, some of them were coming right out of the water too. Lots of seals as well.

lived here my hole life and never seen anything like it…isnt it a touch early for the eulichan to be running?

They started last week on both the Skeena and the Nass. I’ve seen a lot more frenzied wildlife (eagles, seagulls, sealions) in the past though. I don’t think this is the main run.

So you funseekers keep talking about it , this show but no pictures so did it really happen that way ?

Pictures would be great since I don’t plan on going to Terrace anytime soon :smiley:

Being born and raised here, and have seen this many times and have tried many times to capture photo’s and video of this annual awesome spectacle, but it is one of those things where pictures and video simply do not give it the justice that is due and that you just have to get out there and experience it for yourself, bring binoculars, and as is true with so many things, timing is everything, try to be out on the river in daylight and at low tide.


Thanks for sharing that photo allycat1521 , much appreciated.

I was on the bus on Friday and saw it too, didn’t know tho what it was.

As a new photographer to the area, this is something I’ve been looking forward to. I headed out there today to see what sort of shots were available and as someone else mentioned, I don’t think this is the main run. Things were pretty slow. I saw a small pod of Sea Lions, 2 of which are pictured below, a bunch of seals, a few eagles, and a ton of gulls…but didn’t see a single fish caught. I’ll definitely be back to hopefully get some more shots…and hopefully on a nicer day lol

Sea Lions by bbroderick86, on Flickr

Good Pic !!!