Whale watching

I have never seen anything like it, the whales are out in full force this year. We were out doing some trolling and jigging over the weekend and KABOOM!
WOW! These guys could jump very high. I wish I took the camera, three wales jumping out of the water with a huge splash on impact. :open_mouth:

There was also a small boat with a couple of young-teens in it and a whale came up right beside them and sprayed some water… Those teens took off so fast and they didn’t pull up there lines. You could see there buzzbombs dangling in the water behind them as the sped away. Funny thing to see.
They young-teens were ok. :laughing:

Also, we got an almost perfect view yesterday when there were some whales jumping and finning just below our house. :open_mouth:

Shit I have been here since 1980 and have seen a pod of three, not a very good average.This was this summer also, sitting doun the beachfront by CN and one came out of the water going by and two other swimming along. I waited since the 1900’s to see this.

omg x3 you are so lucky I wich i had friends with boats, couse i would love to go see the whales and other sealife that I hear is so
Abundant… things I would love to do see whales, the grizzlies and wolf’s we should plan a trip to do those things. take photos and video…
I was planning next year in taking 5 days and going Kayaking around here and camping. anyone else interested.

Thanks, there were lots of lucky people where I am at. I was thinking of a live webcam to set up if the weather is nice this week or weekend.

What ya think?
And oh yes, a nice trip to get lots wildlife sound very interesting. :smiley:

The wildlife is all over the place now. Coming in from Inverness yesterday we crossed paths with a wolf. The back of the wolf was above the cement barrier on the road. It took no effort to hop ( yes HOP) over onto the road right in front of us and saunter across and hop over the other side. In the time it took to get out the digital it was gone. They move quick! If you aren’t looking there they are. When your ready camera in hand no luck. So typical…good luck in the quest to view wildlife. It is worth the wait to see more than the road kill we usually see.

We saw a huge bear cross the road about 100 metres infront of us on the way to Terrace a couple weeks ago, and it stood on the side of the road until we were about 15 ft away, then it wandered into the bush. We drove by really slow, and the bear’s head was just poking out of the bush, like it was sitting there watching us go by. It was the cutest thing… well cute only because we were in the safety of a huge truck… but it was pretty funny to look at the bush and see the bear pokin it’s head out at us.

I saw a pill bug crawling across my floor yesterday. That’s about as close to wildlife I get here in the city . :confused:

That’s funny. Was it a very dangerous bug? :laughing:

smartass wrote:

Speaking of cute, we were driving home monday and seen two cats walking down the street, SIDE BY SIDE! That looked cute, and funny.
They must have been on a date.

No, they’re mostly unsightly.

Though back when I was in University, I came back for a visit and saw eight bucks walking across the field at what used to be Booth school. I guess they were on their way to a stag party or something :smiling_imp:

I was sleeping in my tent a while back when I heard my mother scream at the top of her lungs, it sounded like a bear was roughing her up terribly. I wanted to get up and run to her aid but I was cowardly stuck in my blankets. I could hear the vicious ravaging a few feet from my head yet I was still frozen in terror and feeling horrible about my mom’s loud pleas for help. Her screams suddenly went silent but I could still hear the bear doing some sort of damage to her body, I then felt the fear turn to rage. I busted out of my tent and found the bear digging into my mothers body and with such an anger I jumped into the standing bear and hugged it as tight as I could with my arms and my feet. The bear couldn’t bite me because I was tucked under his chin but that still left my back open to his sharp claws. They were ripping me apart but the feeling was intense numbness about my flesh. I knew I had to do something fast before I was useless. I managed to get an arm around his jaws and found the eye with my thumb, I shoved with all of my fear, urgency, and might hoping to pierce the brain. I hooked my thumb and pulled out the eye, the bear fell to the ground. I was tired but felt the rush of the kill, like some sort of primal instinct that gave me the power to stay conscious enough to examine the eye. It was yellow and made out of some sort of cartoon substance, something was not right. I looked around and then at my mother that was now dead, I then realized I was dreaming and that I Am not a coward. This kill was only a test… Just a test…

From that awsome Labour Day weekend with some surpise visitors. This is where the whales were jumping. Just behind the float plane, and probably about 200 metres from that old warf on the top leftside.


No, Words, I think the truth is that you are, in fact, dead; both you and your mom, slaughtered by a bear. I’ve always thought that your stream of consciousness writing style was unusual and now I know: it is the writing of a spirit that has not yet moved on. You must accept what happened to you and move on. But, if you want to keep on submitting posts from the dead, that’s cool.

I guess we now need a definition of life and death.
To live is to know your body is going to die anyways.
To die is a change of flesh.

Can I get a new suit now that I’m gone???
Something to contain my soul or what ever this self sustaining life force is.

I’m nothing but a bunch of words uttering options of truth or lies, what ever works in this fantasy land. I’m believing my way around…and around…and around…

anyone interested in a whale watch? …a FREE whale watch?? The company I worked for this past summer is offering a Customer appretiation/FREE Whale watch next saturday…However, it is only for the first 140 people that call and reserve a spot… 624-5645! it’s through SEASHORE CHARTERS by the way.

You can see whales for yourself if you have the means to get up to the mouth of Work channel, or up by Green/Dundas Island. I went up last year on the North Port, and they can get pretty close to you. Humpbacks.