Wet roads suck!

Ugh I just looked outside and the roads are WET! It’s so annoying. You can’t walk anywhere without your feet getting SOAKED (unless you wear fun gum boots), and there can be no outside fun when its raining or with wet roads. Wet roads are such a downer! Anyone agree?

Are you on drugs?
What the hell do you expect in Prince Rupert?

I’m just saying it sucks, and I like dry roads better.

do what i do - drive

yeah but its still more fun to do anything when there is dry roads.

Dude, you are so incredibly wrong it’s not even worth arguing.

What about driving really fast in puddles spraying people.

Haha yeah that is actaully really fun! Or just driving in big puddles and making big splooshes!

yah getting splashed sucks… especially when its the big puddle on omenica filled with who knows what kinda gross rupert sludge.

haha I haven’t gotten splashed hard core yet. I would not be a happy camper if i did though!

i’ve gotten splashed while running so many times from that freakin puddle…Someone should even out that road

Why don’t you make use of that track? And quit your complaining. Be positive for once

Wet roads, eh, they just mean less traction for my tractionless truck.

No kidding… most of your posts are all negative… what’s up with that girl? Obvsiously someone isn’t very happy and likes to make others around her the same way.

running the track? ever look at a hampster in a hamster wheel and laugh? insteal of running in a vetricle circle, you are running in a horizontal conic. at least running on the sidewalks has some changes in scenery.

well if you dont want to splashed by cars, run the track… point blank


dudes tongue looks rotten or somethin?

I think that’s a classic case of slurpeeitis.

my feet didnt get wet before when i was walking… puddle jumpin is fun when u got nothing to do heh