West Coast Amusements

Does anyone know if they are coming to Rupert this August?

they were just here .b but the circus will be here july i think . and we have had a second carnival come in a couple of years  and that was usually star light amusements i think

:frowning: awwe…

Just wondering, I thought they usually come again in August.  My buddy was gonna take his kids here from Klemtuu if they were coming…next time I guess.

The circus will be in town on August 1ST. but the carnival, I believe, is down to one visit per year.  :cry:

Yup it is at the City’s Request because of it being hard on the parking lot of the civic center.  No more carnivals till next spring…

move it to the waterfront park then be a great view on the ferris wheel :wink:

Thats actually a good idea

i thought so but prolly too much redtape but no asphalt to wreck there anyway

No, the other carnie doesn’t come anymore because there isn’t enough buisness for them here. they didn’t make enough money.

the other one sucked thats why they didnt make money i never took my kids to it because its half the rides and games not worth a wristband even

What kind of animals are going to be at the circus tomorrow?

Elephants?  Monkeys?  Giraffes?  Lions?

last time it was elephants , a bear , ponys , a bad clown i think dogs. not a great circus by any means but hard to say no to the kids with what we get in town. peta has been on this circus too google jordan circus you’ll see the complaints they have had etc

They wouldn’t be able to have the carnival down by the waterfront as there isn’t enough room for the rides let alone parking all the extra trucks and motorhomes, not enough flat space for the rides, no public bathrooms, etc etc etc.  I’m sure there’s legal reasons too.

oh stop being realistic lol i think it would be sweet there lol