Were there Haïda settlement south of Haïda Gwaii?

Someone told me today that when he lived in Victoria, there was a Haïda reserve just behind his place.  I am curious about that because I thought that Haïdas were originally only on the Charlottes and some of the Alaskan PanHandle island. 
The discussion came about because he had a West Coast style tattoo that he told me was a Haïda Owl design. 
Can someone shed light on this for me?

It wasn’t a whole reserve. It was only a Haida bed. :smiley:

I lived there for 10 years and I have never heard that before, your right about Haida’s being in alaska, but for being south not sure the Haida went on war parties all the way down to washinton state, or further.

I read they once raided deep inland and took Carrier-Sekani people as slaves…

historylink.org/essays/outpu … le_id=5171.

very interesting information about the history of the Northwest Aboriginals in relation to the small pox… also shows that Haida were not “native” (haha) to Victoria area.