We're never really anonymous on the net

Oh how many times has someone told us that we’re not as anonymous on the internet as we’d like to think…

kokomoperspective.com/news/a … 03286.html

“Blizzard did more than cooperate. It gave Roberson everything he needed to track down Hightower, including his IP address, his account information and history, his billing address, and even his online screen name and preferred server. From there it was a simple matter to zero in on the suspect’s location.”

sphere.com/crime/article/ind … t/19299798

Sheesh you would think that a level 80 shaman would have better luck eh…


So Mr. XYZ, here’s some copyright complaints coming from your office router’s IP and a $4500 bill for traffic overuse.
Note how it says uploaded MovieX, MovieY, MovieZ at these times on these days.
Why lookit this. Another set of complaints from this IP for the same movies on the same days, but later in the evening.
Why look, our online database is running. If someone punched that IP in there, it would tell the customer’s name. Excuse me I have to go grab a coffee…