We're losing in the fast food wars

While we wait for Pizza Hut to bring us our chicken…  I noticed in the Northern Connector that Kitimat is celebrating the Grand opening of an A & W,  we’re just not keeping up here on the North coast…

That A&W has been in the works in Kitimat for the last 3 years.  It’s going at the same speed as our KFC.

Oh, and Kitimat STILL doesn’t have a Timmies.  They aren’t winning until they have a Timmies!  haha

Do they still have a DQ? That might put them back in the lead perhaps, they used to have a donut shop there, not Timmies but some other version of, not sure if its still there, haven’t been to K town in years…

Yes Kitamat has a D.Q

Which I’ve never seen more than 6 people in at a time.  Kitimat doesn’t even have a McDonalds.  And the donut place… is where the A&W is now.

Fraser Lake has a Subway.
Hooterville has Subway, KFC, A&W, Timmies and a 7-11
The Fort has… a lake…
I must say we have one really decent Chinese place, as long as you know the diff between Sweet&Sour, fried chicken wings and actual Chinese food…

LOL, Which is Hooterville??  Smithers, Burns Lake?

Vanderhoof is called Hooterville by everyone around here.
We even used to print a biweekly TV Guide/Buy & Sell paper called the “Hooterville Gawk N Shop” in the early 90s

I must say I have lived here my whole life and have never really liked chinese food. But I went to West End( the one close to shoppers and on the same side as it) for the first time and it was delicious! That A2 and A7 was great! :stuck_out_tongue: Hopefuly no cats where involved in the making…lol

Even after a trillion times, the joke is still fresh. :unamused:

I heard heard the chicken thing was still being worked out for Pizza Hut, however the slowness in it occurring is making me wonder, if it was all a rumour. Mind you it was management at Pizza Hut that told me about it months ago.  It was set for Spring.

I think they’re too busy chasing the chickens across the road  :smiley:

I miss eating there.