We're in the money!

While we don’t come anywhere near the revenue stream of Prince George (615,149), Prince Rupert stakes out second place in the small communities category when it comes to revenue generated by traffic fines, with 133,087 dollars collected, second only to Fort St. John at 179,442.

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I did not see anywhere in that article, that says the money was generated in Prince Rupert, but money is nice!

Here you go an explanation as to how the community funding program works, including money generated locally by traffic fines

newsroom.gov.bc.ca/2011/07/b … afety.html

Yeah I understand how the program works, its just in your first post, it seems to assume that the traffic fine “revenue” was generated in Prince Rupert, just pointing out that this is not the case.

Well near as I can tell from reading the information on the BC Government site, all of the money collected in a community is returned to that community.

From the Local Government Research page:

cscd.gov.bc.ca/lgd/policy_re … /index.htm

Traffic Fine Revenue Sharing Accountability Reports

Traffic Fine Revenue Sharing grants assist local governments to improve public safety through community policing, crime prevention and education. Since its expansion in 2004 to return 100% of traffic fines to municipalities, the Traffic Fine Revenue Sharing program has provided a total of $199.8 million to local governments to improve public safety and policing.

At any rate, perhaps one of our local experts in the field could offer up a proper interpretation

I think this topic was beaten to death in the past on HTMF on a couple of occasions. The local RCMP write more tickets than other cities, because they use their traffic revenue to actually pay for the traffic cops. There was mention of ‘bogus’ tickets being written regularly (5 second stops, signalling when no traffic) and even undercover operations to ‘catch’ people only stopping for 2 or 3 seconds at stop signs.

previously: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=17914&start=15&hilit=rcmp+ticket

and tinyurl.com/princerupertrcmplovetickets and from the past: RCMP ticket on the way to the hospital

So whether they’re being told to write more tickets (including the bogus ones) or not is up for debate. The fact that they write more tickets than other cops isn’t up for debate. It’s a fact.

I think it was pointed out that most cities use the revenue to pay for community programs and crime prevention. Prince Rupert uses it to hire more revenue agents traffic cops.

I am shocked at that amount, but why then, do other municipalities recieve no traffic fine money?

Municipalities receive the money collected from tickets written in their municipalities.

The real question is why the Rupert RCMP write so many more tickets than other detachments.

IMO the questions are:
How many municipalies (percentage wise) have few crash’s (higher safety) with lower ticket revenue.
Another question would be how many municipalities have higher safety than us but have fewer traffic enforcement officers.
Might be some interesting stats…