We're being invaded

by young liberals!  :astonished:

[quote]We’ve arrived in Prince Rupert and are in the lobby of the Crest Hotel getting ready for our first flyer drop! We’re going to deliver 1500 flyers to the residents of Prince Rupert, promoting the BC Liberal message! I’ll post another update when we’re done :astonished:)

  • Chris Sandve
    President, BC Young Liberals[/quote]

It’s amazing what Google pops up when someone uses the words Prince Rupert. I just noticed too in the picture they are all leaning to the right. :smile:

Interesting timing as a going away party for ex MLA Belsey is this evening at the Crest…

Where’s he goin?

if i had to guess i’d say back to the liquor store to pick up a bottle of johnny walker black…that’s just a guess though

I heard the ol health aint to good.  So he bought an RV and is going to start snowbirdin it.

Rollins I thought you were going to the oil slick/patch?!

You guys are pretty good at thread hi-jacking.

In respones to this thread the liberals dont give 2 ****about the people of the north with thier brolen promises and neglect. They come up here just to try and get votes and promise ppeople good thing to change, but nothing ever get done for us.

so maybe their plane will drop from the sky or the boat sink to the bottom of the sea.

Can you refresh us on which broken promises you are speaking of?
Don’t get me wrong, I like a good rant, but I also like to have some facts to back them up.
Thanks in advance.

Election promise “We will not sell BC Hydro”

  • broken promise - almost 40% of BC Hydro operations now run by a bermuda-based company

Election promise (from BC Liberal platform) “We will not expand gambling in BC”

  • obvious broken promise, especially here in Rupert.

2000 Quote from Gordon Campbell “I don’t believe in ripping up signed agreements.”

  • broken a whole bunch of times

BC Liberal promise (part of the platform) “We will not sell BC Rail”

  • um… I guess that was broken too.

There’s a whole bunch more, which you can probably find for yourself by googling "BC Liberal broken promises".  I’ve even made it a handy link there for you to click on.

RE: Belsey,  I sure hope he’s going snowbirding and finds a new home, otherwise he’ll be around to give City tel away to the Lib faithfu but then he was incompetent as an MLA so maybe we have nothing to worry about

The people of the North Coast spoke load and clear in the last election; they sent Mr. Belsey home. 
Have a nice vacation, Mr. Belsey. :smiley:

Why are you all so bitter? The man worked hard for this community, and for the majority of voters in it. We’ve got an NDP Member of Parliament, an NDP MLA–so why be bitter at a man who’s moving away to enjoy a quiet retirement?

I find it very scary that there are people who would wish a plane carrying several members of the BC Youth Liberals to fall out of the sky. I hope that the member who posted that is representative of no one in the NDP.

To judge someone based on what they believe is to trample what democracy is about. Have you met any of those guys? They’re totally decent guys who just happen to have different political views to some of yours. Were you in line at a store there would be no difference. Why wish someone to die (even if you’re kidding) because they vote differently on the ballot?

I did not say Bill didn’t work hard for the community, what I said
that he was incompetent as an MLA (IMHO).
You can have the best work ethic in the world but it will do you no good if you are not effective.
It takes more than stumbling through a few phrases smalyax or doing a pathetic hip hop rap at grad ceremonies to make an effective MLA

is thats the pro verbial “you guys” or What are you referring to as thread picking

I agree, being an MLA is much more than just doing grad ceremonies. You weren’t at the Legislative Assembly, and you weren’t in his office 10+ hours of the day. Really, you aren’t able to make the statement you made.

FYI, playing tennis every day after school during Spring and early summer (still thinks he’s a teacher?) isn’t good MLA-ing, definitely.

I take it then you’re not a card carrying member of the NDP? :wink: 
Suffice it to say that I also think that Mr. Belsey was an incompetent MLA; I did not vote for him. 
We will agree to disagree on this point.

and setting an example of a healthy active life style is bad because…

Was he playing EVERY day, including those typical wet Rupert days as well?

Disagreeing with his politics doesn’t mean that he’s incompetent, but yea we’ll agree to disagree.

Nice troll!
It’s good MLA-ing if you are effective.

Better troll!

Define effective, and how he’s been so. Remember, this all started with the issue of competency. Belsey was competent as MLA, as is Coons, but whether or not he (Coons) is a good MLA is a matter of opinion I think.

Belsey reminds me of Captain Kangaroo for some reason? I think he resembles the Captain somewhat. lol